Jack Rogers Lookalikes for under $30!

Happy Tuesday girls! I’m on my way to St. Louis for a work trip but still wanted to write a little something since I was silent on Monday. It was one of those weekends where I had a great time but was entirely exhausted by the time Sunday night rolled around. Saturday really knocked me out as I spent 6 hours just shopping around an outdoor mall near my apartment. I came across some Jack Rogers lookalikes to share with you that made my extended shopping trip totally worth it though!

March 2019 Update: These sandals are no longer in stock. However, I’ve found a few others that are similar in price on Amazon (affiliate links): Pierre Dumas Sandals | Paradise Shores Kate Sandals |

jack roger knock offs

Meet the $29 version of the coveted gold Jack Rogers sandal! Altar’d State was smart enough to know that some of their customers might be into these preppy shoes and they jumped on the band wagon by creating quality knock-offs for the summer. I have a pair of real Jack Rogers that I found on sale and these are honestly similar quality and you can’t beat the price. My next paycheck might go towards buying a pair of these beauties!

altard state review

One of my favorite things about Jack Rogers is how versatile they are! You can wear them with so many different things and it looks great every time. My favorite thing about designer dupes is that people can’t tell the difference between the $200 shoes and $50 shoes. Looking classy doesn’t need to cost you a fortune and I’m a firm believer that anyone can look like Jackie O. even on a budget!

Leave me a comment with your favorite designer dupe!


Fashion Lust List for Spring

Fashion Lust List


Happy Thursday! Yesterday I got the most exciting news ever from my mom- she found my Lilly Pulitzer dress and skirt in the attic. I thought my dad had accidentally donated them to the thrift store and was silently sulking everywhere I went. In the midst of trying to find a replacement for my dress, I discovered the wonders of eBay! Thank goodness I didn’t bid on the dress I thought was lost or I’d be out of luck (and money). However, I did find a few things to add to my fashion “lust list” this spring.

  1. Rompers- Only one of these made it into my closet last year and hopefully I’ll be able to change that this year. I’d love to find a hot pink one, so let me know if you see one!
  2. Yellow Nail Polish- Hopefully this doesn’t look tacky and won’t go down in history as a hideous fad. Believe it or not, I actually like obscenely bright nail colors, no matter how tacky my kids will say it was 15 years from now.
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch- Every blogger in the world has been “gifted” one to feature in their posts. I’ve fallen in love with the little multi-colored tassels on it! It’s perfect for spring and summer!
  4. Jack Rogers- These sandals are the cutest things in the world and it’s a shame they’re so expensive! My mom is bidding on a pair for my birthday that’ll be cheaper than if I bought them in the store. Here’s hoping no one else wants them besides me!
  5. Pink Ray Bans- How cute are these classic aviators? They make me feel like a female Tom Cruise in Top Gun every time I try them on. I’m going to try to get my hands on a pair sometime soon!

Leave a comment with your current fashion lust list! I’m looking for new things to “ooh” and “ahh” over!

witty n pretty

Summer Style: Preppy Edition

Summer Prep
Good morning! Here’s a little preppy inspiration for you today! I love this look for summertime. Tee shirts, shorts, and baseball hats are classic Americana. It’s pretty much the only thing I wear during the hot, muggy summer days we have here on the East Coast.

A few things on my summer prep wish list:

-Jack Rogers sandals
-Vineyard Vine tee
-Lilly Pulitzer shorts
-Southern Proper tee

I went into a local preppy themed store and was talking with the owner about cute preppy themed things she should think about selling. She told me that Kiel James Patrick has actually designed a bracelet for her store and she’s debuting it next weekend! For the record, Kiel and his fiance, Sarah, are apparently really nice, down to Earth people. I can’t wait to see the bracelet they designed! I’ll be posting about it next weekend! Enjoy today!


Kentucky Derby 2015 Style

kentucky_derby_outfitHappy hump day lovelies! I’m counting down days until the weekend when all of my fun can start! In the mean time, let’s focus on something important that will be here before we know it: the Kentucky Derby. One of the oldest sporting events in America, this year horse lovers, millionaires, and preppy college students will flock to the racetrack on May 2nd!

In a previous post, I talked about my trip to the Derby in 2013. While it was memorable, I won’t be going back until I can get in an executive club suite to wait for the races to start. For those of you who are going this year, I suggest wearing this new Lilly Pulitzer shift that just came out! Bright, flamboyant colors are very appropriate for this day as ladies (and a few gents) go big or go home for the event. If there’s no rain in the forecast, try wearing espadrille wedges in a muted color like these Jack Rogers. Accessories wise, you can never go wrong with Kendra Scott! These earrings bring out the green in the dress beautifully.

Here’s the most important part of the outfit: the hat. Women wear some pretty incredible hats as part of the Kentucky Derby tradition. As someone who spent more time hanging out with other college-aged girls under the Vineyard Vines tent in the infield, I can tell you that this age group stuck to their monogrammed, wide-brimmed floppy hats. Older age groups wore more eccentric hats. The hat I featured is from The Palm Gifts.

Let me know if you plan on going to the Derby this year! I’d love to know what you’re wearing!


How to Dress When Running Late

Running Late

Running late is probably the most common offense a college student commits. Partied too hard the night before? Prime target for a hangover and other nasty side effects that day after. Pulled an all-nighter catching up on homework? Definitely a candidate for being late to class. Any college kid knows that having an outfit prepared for the days when you are going to be late for class is essential to surviving and still looking great.

And here I introduce my running late outfit! I can literally have this on in under 3 minutes. White jeans are going to be a vital part of my wardrobe this semester as well as a great bag highlighting the warm mocha colors of Autumn. I found a reasonably priced pair at Ann Taylor but Gap has great ones like this. In true preppy fashion however, a pop of bright pink adds so much to any outfit. I love this Lilly Pulitzer travel mug. I saw it in a boutique in my town and had to walk out of the store before I bought it.

What is your go to outfit in the mornings? Share with me below!