Top 6 Typography Prints

Hello fabulous friends! I love Sunday mornings. My routine is just so much more relaxing than any other day of the week. I like to start out with a cup of coffee and salted caramel biscotti and sit by the fire while I read the day’s headlines and check my Instagram feed. It’s the little things right?

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend on Etsy and Instagram that many bloggers and artsy types are “currently coveting”- typography prints. These are the cute quotes, graphics, and icons you see on famous bloggers and Instagrammers desks and other styled spaces. I have several different prints on my walls and am looking to get a smaller one for my little desk.

I’d love to learn how to create my own typography prints but I think most people use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for their creations. Eventually, I’d really like to start an online boutique where I can create the things I’d most love to see on the market. Until I can do that, I’ll stick to admiring other people’s work. As a matter of fact, I was going through Etsy pages and saw six different prints I loved! I can’t buy all of them but I’d like your opinion on the best one. Comment below!


  1. The Trendy Sparrow
  2. Floral Sarahs
  3. Pretty Chic SF
  4. Le Papier Studio
  5. Seventeen Fields
  6. KB Embroidery 


Apartment Hunting in Charleston

faux_fur_snowA few posts ago, I mentioned that I was job hunting! That statement should never be followed with an exclamation mark but I have to be excited about something, right? The location I’ve chosen to relocate to is Charleston, South Carolina. I love this place because of it’s charm, culture, food, and wonderful shopping!

While I’m still looking for a job (so exhausting), I’ve been checking out the real estate in Charleston and figuring out where I might like to live. The killer part of this journey is understanding what is affordable and what isn’t. Rarely do the jobs I apply for give a salary estimate, which adds to the uncertainty of what I can realistically pay for monthly. Many of the apartments available are either incredibly expensive and luxurious or they’re section 8 housing. I’ve found a few places that are in between those two extremes that I can afford but who knows if they have any apartments available.

My list of “must-haves” in an apartment isn’t that crazy I don’t think given my budget of $750. I would love to have a walk-in closet, pool, some sort of security system, small porch, and a Starbucks located near by. I absolutely can’t wait to show you what I do with my first apartment! I have so many ideas I’ll never be able to do it all.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is being able to start taking more personal style photos. I have tons of clothes and a million ways to wear them but there aren’t too many great places near my current location to take good pictures. Charleston is full of perfect little spots to take amazing photos. I’m also getting ready to buy my domain name (and change the name of this blog!) and rebrand it using my own color and texture selections. To compliment this new look, I’ll be needing lots of lovely pictures to share with you and on my Instagram (hint: @wittyandpretty21).

What are your favorite things to see on blogs in terms of pictures? Comment below!


Taking Photos for Instagram or a Blog? Here are 8 Things You Need

Do you want to know one major thing I’ve noticed amongst all big-time bloggers, Instagrammers, and Etsy-ers? They all know how to take great photos and use props to enhance them. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a photo on Instagram using something sparkly or something with texture I’d be driving a convertible.

Seriously though, what makes some of their photos so great? It’s how they set them up. Here are 8 props you can add to your blog/Instagram pictures right now!

Props for Pictures


The number one thing people seem to be using is sequins or glitter! As annoying as those little things can be at times (they stick to everything), they really make a photo look pretty! Sprinkle them around the key items in your photo for an added pop of cuteness.

Another thing I’m seeing is colorful paper straws. This was especially popular over the summer. Etsy store owners are laying them beside their prints and artwork as a way to enhance the colors in the art.

To illustrate the business of their day, bloggers are using stationery and notebooks. You’ll see these items on their desks laid out as if they were mistakenly left there.

Flowers, particularly Peonies, are being included in photos as a natural way to enhance and add color to an otherwise neutral palette.

Candles have been making appearances in many Instagrammers “lounging around” type photos. You know the pictures I mean- where the picture includes the bottom half of her pj pants, socks, coffee, laptop, twinkly lights, and a lit candle.

Expensive make up is also being haphazardly laid on a desk or vanity. If the item the blogger wants to highlight is pink, then she’ll use pink lipstick. If it’s gold, she might use red lipstick.

Finally, macarons are here to stay and for good reason- they photograph nicely. With this pastry, there isn’t much to capture other than the edges of these delicate treats. They sit in a picture to fill up space but they look awfully darling doing it!

Lately, I’ve also been using coffee mugs, jewelry trays, and jewelry in my pictures for Instagram. It seems to work depending on the quality of the image. A key element is having natural light. No fluorescent lighting! Ever. It adds a yellow glow to the image instead of a nice white one. A white background is also best.


Treasures I found at Charming Charlies

lemon_stripesI love the jewelry and apparel store Charming Charlies. Organizing by color is the most underused marketing tool in the fashion world. It never fails to make me want to buy something in ever color available. It just works beautifully. Think of how some Instagrammers are so good at making the photos on their accounts look like they all piece together. The colors are synchronized. The photo to the left highlights the greens and blues in each of the individual pictures, however they harmonize as a whole.

During a recent trip to Charming Charlies, I found myself exploring the pink and orange section mostly. There were so many lovely pieces to choose from and surprisingly, I restrained myself from buying anything. That’s right, I walked out of the store with empty hands. For anyone who knows me really well, that’s hard to do. Never mind the fact that I went next door to Hollister and they were having a sale on lounge tops so I bought one; but whatever, that’s not the point.

This first photo is the prettiest piece of costume jewelry I found! I love bright pieces like these. Personally, I wouldcharming_charlies wear white jeans and a white or tan top with it just to highlight the vibrancy of the colors!

charming_charliesI fell in love with this little sail boat. How cute is it for summer? Anything having to do with a boat or the water I love. Can you believe at one time I was afraid of boats though? I read a book about the Titanic when I was in 1st grade and that did me in. I said “no” to ships for awhile.

Some of you may find these a little too colorful but I love color! I saw these and had to show you girls (and guys if you care). There’s just something really greatcharming_charlies about the statement jewelry that is trending this year. I can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s because I tend to be a classic dresser and my outfits don’t always have that little extra something to make it pop.

charming_charliesFinally, this collection of jewelry was just so pretty sitting there so I took a photo of all of it together. There was so much pink and gold in that section I thought my head was going to burst (in a good way). All I saw was happiness!

Let me know what stores you go to for accessories in the comments below! FYI: It’s perfectly okay to say “Claire’s” because I still enjoy that little store. All links to pieces seen here are in the photos. Simply click them on!







Blogging 101: A Short Intro for Newbies

I was in your position a few months ago and I know how hard it can be. You see all these famous, successful bloggers (think Rach Parcell’s Pink Peonies blog) and wonder how they got there. Truthfully, I’m not sure. I haven’t figured that out yet. What I do know I’m going to share with you and I hope you’ll share it with others.

lilly_pulitzer_agendaThe first thing I learned is that consistency is key. Posting routinely will not only improve your SEO Google rankings but it gives your readers an idea of when you will post. I haven’t always been great about this but recently I bought a Lilly Pulitzer daily agenda to help organize myself (blog to come on this).

The second thing I learned is that it’s important to get involved with other bloggers. Commenting, liking, collaborating (which I love doing), and exchanging ideas is all part of gaining a following and increasing your likability. Eventually, it isn’t just fellow bloggers following you, it’s people without blogs who love you enough to sign up for email alerts every time you post a blog.

The third tip I have for you is to connect your Instagram with your blog. This Instagram_profileis pretty simple because Instagram already has a widget set up in WordPress for you to use. All you need to do is activate it. You can use photos from every post and put them on Instagram to drive people to your blog. Be sure to include the link to your blog in your bio!

Finally, learn to use the “attachment details” every time you insert a photo. Particularly learn alt text. Essentially what this means is tagging your image for Google to index. For example, in my last post I had a photo of my Ann Taylor dress, the alt text I put in the image was “ann_taylor_dress.” Do you see what I mean here?

If there are any questions you all have for me leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them! Hopefully, I’ve helped you somewhat already. Don’t get discouraged that you don’t have thousands of followers and companies aren’t giving you free products yet. That takes a long time. Just be consistent and write about what you love.