Summer Instagram Round Up

kate spade beach

Happy Monday beautiful girls! It was a wonderful weekend of simply relaxing and enjoying some down time. The past few weeks, as I’ve mentioned before, have been a bit hectic and they will only get more so in the next month or so. This weekend was perfect for unwinding and spending some quality “me time”. Some “me time” always includes a little Instagrammin’.

I always like to review my most popular posts in the last month to see what people have interacted with the most. Fortunately, the adorable display at the Kate Spade store here in Kansas City was one of the popular ones! I just love the summer line that they had this year. Nothing makes me happier than scenes of palm trees, the beach, and adorable marine life!

diy milk bottles

Another popular post was this iced coffee and gallery wall! More than anything I love this photo because of the adorable glass milk bottle I put my coffee in. The striped straw also adds a little something extra! I found the straw and milk bottle in a set of four for only $3! Home Goods always has something interesting in their store!

summer color blocking

My final popular post was of my coral and blue color blocking outfit. I was surprised at how simple this wear-to-work ensemble was and yet how many people really liked it! Wearing bright, vibrant colors is always fun for me because it breaks up the monotony of my navy blue and striped preppy uniform I seem to wear a little too often.  Working in an office limits you to what you can wear (or get away with). The days of the suit and pantie hose uniform are slipping away in favor of more exciting, stylish outfits. Thank God, right?

Leave me a comment with your favorite photo and a link to a summer-inspired Instagram photo from your account! Follow me on Instagram!


Cringe-Worthy Instagram Posts

annoying instagram things

Happy Thursday lovelies! Only a few days until the weekend and I know you can make it! Today, I get to work from home and that certainly puts a smile on my face. Nothing is better than being in your pajamas researching statistics for your boss’ paper. That’s a lie. Shopping for shoes is better but this is a close second.

In an effort to make sure you have a good day too, I thought I’d write something all of us can hopefully relate to: cringe-worthy Instagram posts. We’ve all seen them and they confuse and bother us every single time.

Let’s begin with an obvious one- the trying to sell you something post. Typically this involves one of those body wraps and features a before and after picture along with a crazy amount of emojis in the caption. I call this cringe-worthy because it just sneaks up on you when you’re scrolling. A before picture of someone’s saggy stomach is kind of a shock when everything else is just a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup.

Another awful one is the people that comment with “f4f?” or “follow for follow?” on your photos. If you’re commenting with that, chances are I simply won’t want to follow you anyway because you post dimly lit photos of your dinner every night.

Last but not least, are the people that are posting pictures of those body wraps and then in their bios calling themselves “business owners” or “girl bosses.” Am I being harsh? Possibly, but it just makes me squint my eyes and wonder since when did being part of an affiliate program equal being a business owner?

Growing up my mom and all of her friends did the Mary Kay or Pampered Chef thing. It was just to make an extra few bucks here and there (while guilting their friends into buying crap) but I don’t recall them being “business owners.” It just makes me cringe.

I write all this because we can all find a bit of truth in there and it makes us laugh. Leave a comment with your cringe-worthy Instagram posts!

witty n pretty


Instagram Editing: Good or Bad?

On this lovely Friday morning, I wanted to talk about how “real” or “fake” Instagram can be. In light of the famous Instagrammer, Essena O’Neill, who quit Instagram because it created an unhealthy culture and blurred lines between reality and photoshop, I thought I’d let you guys look at my most recent Insta photo.

Instagram: Real Vs. Fake

The photo on the left has not been touched or edited in any way. The photo on the right has used two different iPhone apps to smooth out any wrinkles, frown lines, or under eye circles, and give my face that “sunset glow.” Actually, I’m looking at it now and realize that it’s closer to a “Cheetoh dust glow” than a sunset, but that’s besides the point. Notice how my eyes become a little prettier, my scarf a little brighter, and the leaves a little yellow-er? An app did that, not me.

One thing I hate about cameras is that they don’t seem to catch the same photo we do with our eyes. Because our photos never turn out as beautiful as the actual scene, we try to make up for it in our editing. Am I really that pale in person? No, which is why I decided to tan myself a bit, or a lot. Do trees come alive with color? Yes, but they don’t always reflect that in photos.

Instagrammers edit photos so they can put their best foot forward and gain followers who appreciate their content. Editing isn’t always a bad thing, but it becomes a problem when it promotes unhealthy expectations of people. Examples of this would be models who are a little too thin or people who just don’t seem to age (“seem” is the key word there.) We can edit, but we still need to be real.

Leave a comment with your opinion about the real vs. fakeness of Instagram!

witty n pretty



Bloggers Gonna Blog

Bloggers Gonna Blog

Monday mornings are good for two things: Catching up on favorite blogs and drinking copious amounts of coffee. I’ve perfected the art of both. I have more coffee mugs than Lorelai Gilmore and follow too many blogs. The funny thing about blogging, especially fashion/lifestyle blogging, is how superficial it can be. Little fashion blogs like mine and yours aren’t usually guilty of this; but big-name blogs have a running track record of it. This brings me to the 8 biggest lies top fashion bloggers tell their readers.

  1. Life is a never-ending latte:  In every single Instagram photo, in every pretty picture of their desk, and almost every snapshot of their “candid” strolls through a park, fashion bloggers always have coffee. And it must be carried in either a Starbucks cup (#littlegreenstraw) or a Kate Spade travel mug. Take your pick.
  2. We wake up with lipstick on: I’ve seen countless blog posts about “morning routines” and how fashion bloggers put their makeup on. The kicker is that no one wakes up with makeup on and if they do, their skin must really hate them because chances are it was a rough one the night before.
  3. Trips to the market are a must: Saturday mornings are meant for picking up fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market and then arranging them in a chic little bowl on the (marble) kitchen counter at home. Obviously. The majority of us run to the grocery store for our food needs. However, fashion bloggers shop in more stylish, organic places.
  4. Brunch is a way of life: If they aren’t hosting a dinner party, they’re meeting a “blogging bestie” for a brunch full of fresh fruit and mimosas. The brunch is spent hashtagging and cropping the perfect Instagram photo of their drinks and yummy food. Excuse me while I go back to my Cinnamon Toast Crunch and orange juice.
  5. Pretty cars come with the territory: Because it’s totally normal to be 25 and driving a Mercedes Benz. Except it’s not. I’d take one if it were given to me, but at 22 years young, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
  6. The bag makes the woman: Prada is a necessity and red-bottomed shoes come with the territory. And they’ll link both below the photos they post on their blog so they can make sure to get the commission from Nordstrom in case you decide to buy anything.
  7. Jet-setting is a weekend thing: A little trip to Bermuda one weekend and then exploring NYC the next is part of the fashion blogger’s life. Either said fashion blogger pay for it themselves or there’s an event that the blogger is invited to that includes an all-expense paid trip. Hopping from vacation to vacation is just a part of life.
  8. We love to team-up: I’ve seen the phrase “I teamed up with so and so…” far too many times and know that it’s code for “I’m being paid to feature this product on my blog.” Everyone needs a paycheck, but it makes you wonder if they really like the product or not.

What do you think of the fashion blogging world? Leave me a comment!


Fourth of July Style

fourth_of_july_styleFourth of July is this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! I love this holiday for many reasons and one of them is sporting red, white, and blue in style! I love the way Americans celebrate their freedom. It’s a beautiful expression of who we are and that there are some traditions that won’t change.

I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing or even what my official plans are. I have many ideas floating around in my head but they all have one thing in common: bug spray! I get eaten alive every year. I also might attempt to make strawberry shortcake with some blueberries for added color, but don’t count on it.

I’ll take a selfie to share with you on my Instagram when I figure out what my Fourth of July style will include. For now, enjoy my inspiration!

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