Bedroom Beauty

Bedroom Beauty
One of the things I enjoyed the most growing up and moving around when I went to college was getting to decorate my bedroom. I’ve had Barbie themes, Princess themes, Hawaiian themes, and so many more! Having a place to go and relax is such a blessing for every girl (and guy)! Enjoy these soft, warm colors!

Sand Candle Blast!

Aren’t these so neat? Really pretty and unique looking! Has anyone ever seen these? I think the candle is soy in itself but the shell its sitting is made of sand or something like that.

Wick'd Wax Creations

These lovely works of art is what I’ve been working on for the last week! The shell is made entirely out of sand and filled with my signature scent Woodland Trails. These are also refillable! Prices start at $14


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Coffee Mugs from Harrod’s

I have an addiction to cute coffee mugs and a few of the ones I found at Harrod’s online have only accelerated this love. Unfortunately the British based retail store charges too much for international shipping otherwise I would have bought all of these darling mugs for my collection in my kitchen.
Do you have a favorite place to buy coffee mugs? Comment below!

For the Kitchen

Kitchen Basics

For the Kitchen

       Designing my own kitchen some day and filling it with little treasures and cute things I find is going to be such a delight for me! I love walking into places like Williams Sonoma or Pottery Barn and looking at all the neat things they have for cooks (and wannabe cooks like myself). 
       What do you have in your kitchen that you can’t live without? Anything you would dream of having in it? Comment below!