Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume

Easy Halloween Costume

For those of you who wait until the last minute to get things done (myself included), here’s a quick, easy Halloween costume you can create with things you probably already have! I love one of the first scenes in Breakfast At Tiffany’s when Holly Golightly is waking up to answer the door. Her outfit is simple: an oversized men’s oxford shirt, a sleeping mask, and purple earplugs.

Holly Golightly Costume

The oxford you probably have at home. If you can’t find an oversized one, a regular one you have hanging in your closet will work paired with dark leggings or tights. Somewhere in the depths of your jewelry box, you most likely have some purple earrings you can wear as your “earplugs.” The hardest thing to find might be that legendary sleeping mask of Holly’s. I found a few Etsy stores that sell them. If you’re short on time, go to a craft store and buy a regular plastic mask and paint it teal. Add some gold puffy paint around the edges and draw on eyelashes and eyebrows.

Holly’s Hair and Makeup

The up-do in this famous scene is a little difficult to recreate if you don’t know how to tease your hair. Here’s a tutorial I found that is similar to the hair Holly is sporting. In terms of makeup, this costume requires very little. Do your regular routine of foundation, primer, and powder then add pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Neutral eyeshadow is all you need, but bigger eyelashes will make your eyes pop. Use lots of mascara or some good fake eyelashes. Light pink lipstick completes the look!

You might see a lot of “Audrey Hepburns” walking around in her famous little black dress, but I guarantee you no one has thought to do this famous outfit. Enjoy!

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