Starbucks on a Monday

Oh Monday, it’s you again. I thought my weekend would last a little longer. Apparently, I was wrong. Regardless, I think I’ll carry on with my life and pretend that you aren’t the bane of everyone’s existence. Pouring my morning coffee in my favorite mug always gets me going on this dreaded day. Add a little pumpkin spice creamer to my java and I’ll be able to smile a little brighter. I thought about heading to Starbucks before work to use a coupon they sent me. It was something like “buy any holiday drink before 11am and get two bonus stars for gold card members.” Yes, shut up I’m a gold star member and proud of it. Forget the fact that I’ve spent well over $175 in the last year to be a “VIP customer.” It’s easier to forget about this little detail because all it does is remind me that I’m a total fool. I think I’m going to skip using that coupon and save the money for the upcoming Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas and coffee, I think we all know a coffee addict in some form or another. Why not check Starbucks’ online store of really great gifts. I never bothered to check out their website until I was craving a frappucino the other day. I’m so glad I found it! I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to get people for Christmas now. I am also finding new ways to restrain myself from buying every cute thing I see. Hopefully by showing you my favorite things I can control my urge today.

7 Starbucks Gifts


#Throwbackthursday and Golden Gifts to Give

Happy #throwbackthursday! In honor of this weekly social media event, here’s an awkward photo of me as a child holding a chicken with one of my besties, Jessica (we’re still tight even now!)



Now for something that you can’t laugh hysterically at- gift giving. For the chic ladies in your life (or even yourself), I’ve found 7 gifts that are golden and worthy of giving. I don’t mean to drop Christmas on you right now but let’s face it, it’s coming fast! Starbucks has their seasonal menu and signature red cups in stock, the stores are literally decking the halls, commercials mention their great sales for the holidays, and Hallmark is now playing their Christmas movies again. So yes, the season of madness and magic has begun.

  1. gold_decor‘Hello Sunshine’ Ashley Brooke Designs mug- $23
  2. Gold mosaic vase at Pier 1 Imports– $49
  3. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum at Sephora– $70
  4. ‘Return to Tiffany & Co’ 18k gold earrings (cheaper bought in silver) at Tiffany’s– $550
  5. Paint Brush Thank You Cards at Kate Spade– $20
  6. Mariposa Swirled Champagne Flute at Barney’s Warehouse– $35
  7. Pave Watch at Kate Spade– $225

I realize that some of this is quite expensive but it was so pretty I couldn’t help but include it! In the past though, I have found some of the best, unique gifts at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I don’t mind shopping at the mall and finding gifts there as well but I’m a college student, paying full price isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Hopefully, this gave you all some ideas for the Christmas season! Feel free to pin this image to use later or to share with your followers!