Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover

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Hey girls! I hope your week is going well! Let’s just say I’m glad it’s finally Wednesday. This time of the year just wears me out. Between keeping up with this blog, staying on top of things at work, and trying to get all my decorating done, I get overwhelmed! One of the things that seems to take up a lot of time every Christmas season is figuring out what to get people on my Christmas gift list. I have my own personal tastes and things that I like to give and get and honestly, it drives me crazy that not everyone will appreciate a scented candle!

For the coffee lover in your life, here’s a handy gift guide with fun gifts to give! Coffee is something I can’t live without. My mornings are simply not complete without a little caffeine in my cup! Recently, I bought myself a Christmas Kate Spade travel mug (pictured above) and while simple, it’s the cutest thing! It’s my favorite thing on this list too. Anyway, get to shoppin’ everyone! Enjoy this simple and sweet Christmas gift guide! 

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8 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

good gifts for dadsGood morning gorgeous! I looked at my calendar and realized that Father’s Day was this coming Sunday! Talk about a mad dash for every department store in my area. Usually, I plan way ahead for events like this but June has already been a very busy month for me. The photo above is of me and my dad at my graduation! He likes to remind my sister and I that he didn’t have gray/white hair until we were born.

My dad has very specific tastes in what he likes in terms of gifts. His birthday is in December and by July he’s already made a list of suggested birthday gifts, you know just to give us plenty of time to purchase! For Father’s Day, he’s a little less specific. However, he did send me a link to a Baltimore Orioles plush blanket he’s been eyeing for awhile. Anyway, here are a few ideas for your Father’s Day gift-giving!

  1. Travel Caddy- For the dad always on business
  2. Hawaiian Print Shirt- For the dad that’s looking forward to retirement and the floral shirts that come with it
  3. Beer Caddy- For the dad who enjoys a cold one while watching the game
  4. Baseball Tie- For the dad who loves the American classic
  5. Gourmet BBQ Sauces- For the dad who lives to grill
  6. Shaving Kit- For the dad who takes pride in his appearance
  7. Old-Fashioned Stove Top Popper- For the dad who enjoys a bit of nostalgia and tasty, fresh popcorn
  8. Sperrys- For the dad who adores his boat and the accessories that come with it

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in every price range

Happy Tuesday lovelies! This weekend I spent time with my cousin taking her high school graduation photos and getting makeup done at Sephora. I also spent an evening with my aunt eating a delicious gourmet pizza! More than likely, that’s where my 2lb weight gain came from this morning!

Since Mother’s Day is on Sunday I thought it important to do a little gift guide that features items besides candles, flowers, and coffee mugs. Even though those are traditional, good ideas, we can branch out a little I think! Everything you see here is under $100 and in a variety or price ranges so everyone can have something nice for their moms!
good gifts for mom

A few of these ideas are rather unique like the pineapple string lights! What a fun, cute gift though especially if your mom has a good sense of humor! If she enjoys cooking (mine does not), Kate Spade cutting boards are a pretty gift for the chef. Some ladies also enjoy natural beauty products like Moroccan Oil.

Personally, I bought my mom a colonial America-inspired floor cloth for Mother’s Day! Normally, these rugs run over $300 for even a small one. I found a seller on eBay who gave me a deal on a 6′ by 3′ hallway runner for $75! The reason these decorative pieces cost so much is because of how labor intensive they are. They start as a heavy canvas and receive several coats of polyurethane before being painted in a design. After the paint dries, they coat it again with polyurethane. This process takes several weeks! Believe me when I say I got a deal on this floor cloth! I can’t wait for my mom to see it (she’s always wanted one.)

I’m linking the above items in this convenient little widget below so you know where everything came from and the price! 

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Charming Charlie Christmas Gifts

charming charlie gifts

Happy hump day! Less than two weeks until Christmas and I still have shopping to do and gifts to wrap! Nothing seems to get done until the last minute during this season. There’s still a few decorations sitting in the hallway that need to go up and a bunch of cookies that need to be baked. Our chocolate lab, Riley, reminded me today that we need to find his “Christmas bandana” for him to wear (it has candy canes on it and he looks adorable.) Like I said, I’m behind on everything!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Yesterday, I browsed through a few stores finding Christmas presents and came upon Charming Charlie. I’ve always enjoyed going in and looking around for good deals on jewelry but I rarely find anything I absolutely love. Today was a totally different story! Everything I laid eyes on had me smiling. At one point, I considered getting a basket but knew that would be a bad idea. Instead, I happily admired the pretty things from afar. Some of it I couldn’t find online but I’m linking a few of my favorites below!

Definitely go check out a Charming Charlie store if you can. There’s so much more I wish I could link to but I couldn’t find it online. Most of it was home decor items like cute coffee mugs, wine glasses, and things like that. I also saw an adorable travel kit that included 3 canvas bags for shoes, laundry, and lingerie to organize your suitcase. My inner OCD is so happy at the thought of this!

Leave a comment with your favorite Charming Charlie item above!

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Christmas Gifts for the Workaholic

Christmas gifts for the workaholic

Since Christmas shopping is fully under way and if you’re like me you haven’t started yet, I thought I’d suggest a few gift ideas for that one person we all have in our lives- the workaholic. She’s a type A and wants to get ahead in life but never seems to stop and smell the roses. I know this girl because I am this girl! After working in offices on and off throughout college, I know exactly what I like to have on my desk at work and I’m sharing it with you!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Desk lamp- I’m not the only one who hates fluorescent lights! When I’m sitting at my desk, I like to turn the overhead lights off and just work with a desk lamp; it’s easier on the eyes.

Cute paper clips- Maybe I’m the only one that notices, but how boring are silver paper clips? These adorable bow shaped ones from Kate Spade are quite an upgrade!

Laptop cover- My Macbook and I have been going to work together since I bought it. A great cover not only protects it but also makes it look nice.

Quality pens and pencils- Most offices provide the basics, but sometimes you want something a little fancier. A pack of pens or pencils with a chic pattern on them are always appreciated!

Passport holder- If the workaholic travels a lot, a passport holder is a stylish way to carry your necessary documents. This leather one from Fossil is a great gift choice for the world-traveler.

Letter holder- I have so many papers that pile up on my desk that I need a way to organize them. This hedgehog does that and looks cute at the same time.

Ballet flats- Every girl has them and needs more. When you live in a city, you put a lot of wear and tear on these beloved shoes. We can always use more!

Travel mug- Easy to use at your desk and walking around the office. The simplest gifts are sometimes the best!

Heating and massage pad- Every office building I’ve ever worked in has always been freezing cold. I got smart one day and brought in a heating pad to lay across my lap to stay warm. A friend of mine was even smarter and found one that goes behind your back and will massage it. This is probably my favorite gift on this list!

Letter/iPad pouch- I’ve seen these all over Instagram and they’re really handy for keeping iPads in! Added bonus- it’s pink.

If you have Christmas gift ideas for the workaholic, leave a comment! Also, check out my article published on about my Disney College Program experience!

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