Through the Eyes of Young Me

when_life_gives_lemonsI was thinking earlier about all the illusions I had as a child of what being an adult would be like. I found myself laughing at quite a few of them. For some reason I had the crazy idea that there would be no rules, I could eat cake whenever I wanted, and spend money on whatever I wanted. Oh how wrong I was! Although, I could eat cake whenever if I still had the metabolism of my 7 year old self. I lost that a long time ago.

I came up with a list of a few things I totally got wrong as a teenager wondering what adulthood (particularly life in my 20s) would be like. If you care to, read on and see if yours match up with mine!

10 Misconceptions of Being a 20-Something (through the eyes of a teenager)

1.  Life is not like an episode of The Hills and you are not Lauren Conrad. No one has time to go out every night and no one has the money to. Work attire will also consist of more than jeans and a blazer.

2. After college you will have an entry level job. Your cubicle (because you don’t get an office for a few more years at least) will be next to someone who either wears too much perfume or not enough.

3. Because you hoped the college years would last forever, they abruptly stop after graduation because everyone got their “ring by spring”. From now until you’re about 33, engagement, wedding, and baby announcements will be in your mailbox or inbox daily.

4. Finances are worse than when you only got an “allowance” from mom and dad. At least then you only had to budget for two things: your next trip to the mall and the movies.

5. Eating healthy will still be just as hard for you now as it was when you were at college, not to mention just as expensive. A fresh salad topped with almonds, strawberries, and balsamic vinaigrette will always be pricier than the mac and cheese a few aisles down.

6. You realize that the 5-year plan just turned into “go with the flow” because no matter how hard we try, some things just don’t turn out the way you wanted them to.

7. There are more rules now than your parents ever had for you. Most of these rules are unwritten and through trial and error you will learn them.

8. No one cares that you were captain or president of anything in high school. They might care about it if it was in college, but only if it somehow benefits them, otherwise it really doesn’t matter much.

9. The short shorts you wanted to wear but your parents said “no” to are now socially unacceptable unless you’re going to Wal-Mart or the beach. They aren’t a statement piece for your outfits anymore.

10. You will not be driving a Mercedes-Benz or Audi. You’ll still be driving the car you bought in high school or one your parents are lending you.

Does your list match up with mine? Let me know in the comments!


Self-Improvement Books for Young Women

Do you ever just wake up one day and have loads of energy? Yeah, me neither. Sometimes however, I come across something that inspires me and gets me excited about life. Right now, this “something” is self-improvement books. Through life’s ups and downs there’s one thing that will remain constant: your ability to react. And often enough, how you react will determine whether the next hill takes you up or down.

Currently, life is a bumpy road. If I’m honest, I’d say that most of 2014 was a bit bumpy. It had its good moments, but I’m looking forward to a new year and hopefully a fresh start in a new place. Between school, part-time work, finding full-time work, blogging, and other little things, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Planning the future is hard when the future won’t allow you to plan it. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy spending time reading a few books I’ve wanted to get my hands on. I’m a pretty independent girl but I also strive to be a classy lady. The books I choose to read will reflect that.

5 Books on My Reading List

1. “It” by Alexa Chung

2. “#Girlboss” by Sophia Amoruso

3. “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady” by Derek Blasberg

4. “Place to Go, People to See” by Kate Spade

5. “How to Marry Money” by Kevin Doyle

Some of these are more for pleasure and entertainment than self improvement, but hopefully I’ll enjoy reading them and learn a thing or two. Let me know what books you might like me to review!


#Throwbackthursday and Golden Gifts to Give

Happy #throwbackthursday! In honor of this weekly social media event, here’s an awkward photo of me as a child holding a chicken with one of my besties, Jessica (we’re still tight even now!)



Now for something that you can’t laugh hysterically at- gift giving. For the chic ladies in your life (or even yourself), I’ve found 7 gifts that are golden and worthy of giving. I don’t mean to drop Christmas on you right now but let’s face it, it’s coming fast! Starbucks has their seasonal menu and signature red cups in stock, the stores are literally decking the halls, commercials mention their great sales for the holidays, and Hallmark is now playing their Christmas movies again. So yes, the season of madness and magic has begun.

  1. gold_decor‘Hello Sunshine’ Ashley Brooke Designs mug- $23
  2. Gold mosaic vase at Pier 1 Imports– $49
  3. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum at Sephora– $70
  4. ‘Return to Tiffany & Co’ 18k gold earrings (cheaper bought in silver) at Tiffany’s– $550
  5. Paint Brush Thank You Cards at Kate Spade– $20
  6. Mariposa Swirled Champagne Flute at Barney’s Warehouse– $35
  7. Pave Watch at Kate Spade– $225

I realize that some of this is quite expensive but it was so pretty I couldn’t help but include it! In the past though, I have found some of the best, unique gifts at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I don’t mind shopping at the mall and finding gifts there as well but I’m a college student, paying full price isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Hopefully, this gave you all some ideas for the Christmas season! Feel free to pin this image to use later or to share with your followers!


Terrible Trends Tuesday: Some things will never be cute

Hello girls (and guys!) Hope your Monday was more exciting than mine. I’m the queen of “blah” the first day of the new week. My sister is princess hide-in-her-cave (bedroom) until it’s absolutely necessary to come out. Monday is just something I can’t get into the groove of. Speaking of things I’m not a fan of, let’s talk about a few things that have been trending here recently; Birkenstocks and clunky shoes to be exact.

birken_stocksI’m just curious as to who started this trend and what on Earth makes it cute? Last I checked, Birkenstocks were for the hippies and clunky shoes were for Lady Gaga. Now before anyone goes all “stop stereotyping” on me, I’d like to explain my thoughts on this. First, I thought designers and department stores were pushing to make us all look chic and sophisticated. chunky_shoesLast I checked, clunker shoes and Birkens were not chic and certainly not sophisticated. And second, I love a good bargain and both of these shoes scream bargain to me but those Birkenstocks are upwards of $80! The clunky white shoe is around $30. It’s a little cheaper but it also reminds me of shoes I had at 2 years old.

Another thing I have noticed that’s fashionable is rocking a crop top. Does anyone else think that these little tops just hit people at a part of their body that usually isn’t flattering? It certainly doesn’t elongate one’s figure. I had one before they were popular and it cut me in half. It wasn’t cute! I think this is a trend started by American Eagle– get teenagers to pay $30 for half a shirt. WINNING.

Anyway, I’d love your thoughts on this! Comment below!


Church on Sundays and Fashion Faux Pas

Church on Sundays
Sunday mornings (particularly in the south) are reserved for church and then a late lunch following the service. I grew up this way and many of my friends did as well. My favorite part of this tradition as a young teen was picking out what I wanted to wear! It irks me to think of the hideous outfits I wore assuming that I looked super cute. I vividly remember a blue, flowery dress that I was convinced would look amazing with this pink cowboy hat I had (totally Lizzie McGuire style). I cringe at the thought. Luckily, my style is a bit more sophisticated now. I put together this outfit hoping to redeem myself from those days of bad fashion. Most of what you see here none of us can afford but a girl can dream (and duplicate with something cheaper if she must). Tell me what you think! Any funny memories of fashion crimes you committed growing up? Let me know with a comment below!