Random Ramblings of a Girl in Texas

Happy Saturday friends! I’ve been having the best time here in Texas but I’m sad to say that I go home on Tuesday. It’s been wonderful spending the last two weeks in this beautiful place. Frankly, my heart is torn between here and home. Both places are so wonderful. They say home is where the heart is, or where your mom is, I guess both halves of my heart will have to reside in two different places.

bows before bros

Last week, I spent some time sporting my University of Texas San Antonio gear for a fantasy football draft. I know nothing about football but apparently a real fan participates in this male dominated activity. I was surprised to see that two girls were actually attending the draft and one even got first pick in the draft! I told her she brought a whole new meaning to #girlboss.

utsa shirt for girls

Next week I think I’ll be jumping on the pumpkin spice latte train officially. I’ve been wanting it so badly for a while but I just can’t bring myself to order while I’m here in this Texas heat. I’ve been sporting shorts and tees for far too long and it makes no sense to order this seasonal beverage while the thermometer keeps going up. Looking at the Mid-Atlantic region’s weather forecast, I think I’ll be sporting this look at home too. Should I wait to drink that PSL or have at it?


Playoff Attire


In light of my team making it into the playoffs, I’m dedicating a post to it. I’m quite happy. It’s been awhile boys! When I was little, my parents would take me to baseball games and I’d be the kid decked out in orange and black jumping up and down trying to get on the mega tron. I was so cute! Now, I’d still be the girl doing that just with a lot more awkwardness. Less orange and black too. More J Crew and Tory Burch with a touch of my team colors.

Some people may hate me for saying this (especially my southern readers) but I really like baseball more than football. There’s so much more finesse in baseball compared to football. Plus, baseball is easier and more relaxing to watch. Its an American past time that I cherish and has been in my family for the last hundred years. Both sides of my family have had quite a few good players!

Tell me what team you’re pulling for in the playoffs!