Blogging: Starting Fresh


Tulips in springHappy Thursday friends! It has been over two weeks since I wrote anything and frankly I’ve been itching to start blogging again. As you can probably tell, my blog has gotten a fresh new face! The installation and design of it has taken roughly 3 months and the blog had to be disabled for a few weeks so that my web designer could implement the changes.

This change has been in the works for over a year, it just took me a little kick in the butt to get started. It’s a massive undertaking and an expensive one! However, every article I read and professional blogger I talked to said that if you want to take your blog to the next level, you need a customized website. I spent several months scouring the web trying to find someone who could do a beautiful job and do it on a budget.

I got the idea to look on Etsy for someone who could at least teach me how to install a new theme and find a hosting company. What I ended up getting was even better! I selected Gatto Creative Design after talking with the brilliant mind behind it- Cat. She understood what I wanted and knew everything I didn’t about web design. Better yet, her prices were well within my budget!

After hiring her, it was several weeks of going back and forth over what I wanted in terms of features and color schemes. She helped me choose colors that would work together and look professional. Before the overhaul, my blog looked rather generic and didn’t do much to showcase my writing or personality. Now, I feel like it captures everything I love and gives me a new start on my blogging adventure.

Like many fashion/lifestyle bloggers, I blog because its fun but I also aim to make a living doing it someday. The scariest part of that statement is the “make a living” part. I have no idea if that dream will ever come true, but everyday I wake up and try harder than the last so I have a fighting chance. I hope you do the same! Enjoy the new design! Leave me comment with your thoughts!


Spring Flowers in Bloom

spring flowers

Hello loves! I hope yesterday was beautiful and full of things to smile about. Mine certainly was as I won an eBay bid on some pink and white striped, seer sucker Sperrys! The best part was that I scored them for $6.50. That’s certainly something to smile about.

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram of some fresh tulips I bought and apparently everyone liked them because the photo was bombarded with ‘likes’ in minutes. Today I figured I’d focus my blog post on the flowers that will be blooming soon so you know what to expect the next time you visit a farmer’s market looking for some fresh stems!

  • Snowdrop anemones- Small white petals with a bright yellow center; a really nice addition to any bedroom.
  • Lilac- Light purple, sometimes pink small petals that grow in bunches to create a rather puffy-looking flower; perfect to grow in front of your house because they can get so big!
  • Daffodils- Yellow or white petals with a dark yellow, sometimes orange center; so beautiful for the Easter table!
  • Azaleas- Pink petals that bloom for a short time in the spring but burst with color. A nice touch for the walkway to your front door.
  • Tulips- Comes in a variety of colors and is a traditional flower to have in your home for Easter.
  • Daylilies- Similar to tulips, they bloom in several colors and are a traditional spring flower; they make a beautiful addition to a coffee table.

By no means is this list scientific or comprehensive but it gives you an idea of what’s in bloom or will be. I absolutely love fresh flowers in my house because they just add a little something special! Enjoy your next trip to a farmer’s market or even grocery store and buy some blooms!

witty n pretty

Easter and Spring Decorating Ideas

Easter Home Decor

Thank God it’s Friday! The temperatures are rising here in Kansas City and I’m really looking forward to the cute sundresses that will follow these sunny, warm days! This Saturday, I plan on putting up all the little Easter decorations I have and hopefully going to the City Market to find some fresh flowers for the kitchen.

Spring Home Decor

Going with a more natural theme, a few of my favorite flowers to put out for the spring time are Tulips and Lillies. They add so much festiveness and life to your home! I’ve also seen people use fake topiary statues as decorations for their mantels to add a little greenery to the living room.

Another popular decoration that is used in every celebration and one of the most pinned things on Pinterest is a chalkboard. Normally, I tend to think they’re over used but I really liked the Easter “He is Risen” chalkboard style print-out to frame for your wall. Speaking of wall decor, festive banners add a party-like feel to your home! Target has a few really great ones for under $5.

Finally, let’s talk about the important Easter basket. We cherish time with our families on Easter Sunday and we look forward to children seeing their Easter baskets for the first time. Having browsed the Easter aisles in Target and Walmart, I can see where most children are likely to pick a Star Wars or Frozen themed Easter basket this year. Being the traditional girl that I am, the baskets are so much prettier when they’re made from wicker. Instead of buying plastic baskets with Darth Vader on the front, include your child’s favorite characters in the little goodies inside the basket, but keep a traditional basket for a cohesive theme to the rest of your Easter celebration! Your kids will be happy and you’ll be proud of the beautiful basket you’ve created.

Leave a comment with your favorite Easter decorations to give me a few ideas for my own apartment!

witty n pretty

Farmers Market and Flowers

Hello lovelies! Yesterday was a busy day for me so I didn’t get time to write unfortunately. I’m making up for it today by telling you all about my weekend! I come from an area with a large military presence and frankly, not much else. I had heard a few months back about a summer farmer’s market at a local historical home. I decided Saturday morning that I would go check it out.

sotterly mansion

I had my coffee (to go) and drove down a few winding roads to the Sotterly Mansion. It’s a beautiful old plantation home on the water and supposedly it’s haunted. My younger sister worked as a junior volunteer docent when she was 10 and she would come home with stories from older docents about creepy happenings on the property. Are they true? I couldn’t tell you. My experience as a volunteer there lasted one day and I got creeped out by a few strange noises and computer malfunctions that no one could explain.

farmers market

Anyway, when I finally got to the mansion there were a few rows of cars and several vendors selling everything from fruits and veggies to homemade soaps. I love little outdoor events like these. They brings communities together and allows us to easily support local business. I ended up just buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my mom’s table at home. She said they reminded her of autumn. I couldn’t agree more!

autumn flowers

I wandered all over the property and found myself at the gardens beside the home. Several volunteers were weeding out the flower beds and spraying wasps with wasp spray. Two bees landed on my flowers and I about lost it. I don’t do bees or things that “buzz”. Regardless, the flowers were so beautiful and full of life! There was a breeze coming off the water that was wonderful and the sunshine was absolutely perfect.

historical maryland

beautiful gardens

single pink rose

After a few minutes of wandering the garden and thanking God for the beautiful day, I asked a woman to take a picture of my bright and cheery outfit. It turns out she is also a blogger who just moved to my town from Texas. It was nice to talk and commiserate with her about the hardships of blogging. Here’s the picture she took!

lilly pulitzer july print

My top is just a simple racerback tank from Old Navy for $3. The skirt is obviously a Lilly Pulitzer Fourth of July print (I think it went on sale for $49 during the After-Party Sale). My shoes I found for $10 at Target a few weeks ago when they were trying to get rid of summer stuff.

It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend and it lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe! I’m going to be visiting Texas for the next two weeks so be sure to check out my Instagram (@wittynpretty21) for my travel updates!


Summer’s Over Celebration

Easy entertaining

Happy Friday loves! It’s been such a long week for me full of ups and downs but I wanted to share with you something pretty and creative to make you smile. Since summer is coming to a close, now is the perfect time to throw a little backyard party celebrating the end of the season. The best part is, all the summer stuff is on clearance!

For a summer gathering, you need splashes of color and little vintage touches. I love hydrangeas during this season. Especially white ones because they go with everything. I go to my local grocery store and can find a fairly large bouquet for about $15. They make the best centerpieces for a table! To add a vintage touch, use a wire basket to put them in during the party. Obviously, they can’t live without water for very long so keep them in a vase before guests arrive.

A really nice vintage touch to your tableware is drinks served in mason jars. I know, how Pinterest of me, right? Normally, I hate mason jars for events (especially weddings) but for little BBQs or outdoor things, I think it works. Serve up a fruity drink in these classic containers!

I also love vibrant colors during the summer and I think that they should be a part of our table settings! At Kohl’s, all of their summer table linens are starting to hit the clearance racks. Now is the time to stock up for next year and get at least one use out of them sometime soon.

One of the things that I keep going back to in all of my posts is the great stuff I can find at TJ Maxx. It’s a place I will shop at no matter how wealthy I am. I find so many neat things at great prices there. Just like many other stores, a lot of their summer stuff is on clearance now too so go take advantage of it! Host a little party this weekend and create a beautiful table setting from the fun, quirky things you can find on clearance.

Tell me what your end-of-the-season traditions are!