Fall Lust List!

Fall Lust List

Hello loves! Yesterday I was browsing through the mall and came across a few common themes for the fall season. I’ll explain them and my thoughts on how they can be styled.

First, the wide brim, floppy, felt hat is a pretty significant statement to make during the fall season. Despite my fear of bold statements, I really do love this hat! I tried one on today at Macy’s and it was wine colored. It look absolutely stunning! Where it with dark wash jeans and a neutral top!

Second, leather driving gloves may be something our grandma’s wore but gosh they are so glassy! I saw them all over the place being worn by young and old alike. The ones pictured only go to the end of your palm in terms of coverage. It looks great when you’re driving! Tres chic!

Third, plaid scarves have always been the uniform of anyone who has ever spent a fall in the north east or mid west. Plaid just says “preppy” to me. I invested in a cute one last year and can’t wait to wear it again!

Fourth, Ray Bans and watches are, and always will be, a classic. However, purchasing gold framed sunglasses brings out the autumn colors while the blue just adds that little boost of color needed.

Fifth, nail polish is my favorite thing. Really, it is! Red wine and forest green are pretty popular this season along with gold and navy blue. Get them before they’re gone!

Finally, “smoking slippers” are apart of the new preppy wardrobe. These are just too cute! I love the gold design. It would look great with dark wash jeans and a neutral top.

Are there any trends for fall that have your attention? Share with us below!