What’s a Worry Journal and How Do You Use it?

worry journal

Hi everyone! It’s the start of another week and I wanted to share a tool I’ve been using recently to cope with my anxiety! I find that my worries can be so overwhelming that I can’t process them or pinpoint exactly what’s bothering me. So instead of finding ways to relieve my anxiety, I spend all my time going round and round in my head about what it is I’m worried about. It drains my mental energy and exhausts me. So I’ve started keeping a “worry journal.” Don’t worry (pun intended,) it’s better than you think!

What the Heck is a Worry Journal?

A worry journal is just a notebook you carry with you (it doesn’t need to be huge) that you can whip out when something(s) is bothering you and you need to pinpoint what it is and why it’s giving you anxiety. For me, I sit down at my desk every day, put on some music and just write down what it is that’s giving me anxiety. Sometimes it’s just a few bullet points and other times it’s paragraphs of concerns! At least a few times a week I have to go back to it in the middle of the day and write something else down.

What this does is allows me to clear out the space in my brain that is literally trying to make sense of my anxieties. It also gives me some much needed clarity. I’m not going to say it totally takes away all of my worries, but it definitely makes them more manageable.

How Do I Use It?

Use your worry journal in addition to your normal anxiety treatment. I like to think of my worry journal as an accessory that pulls the entire outfit together. What I mean is I have vitamins, doctor-prescribed medication, workout routines, and a mental health counselor to help me cope with my anxiety. My journal is just that perfect addition that completes my treatment.

When you sit down to write, jot down everything that may be weighing on your mind! And write for as long as you need to! If you have one big worry with several others attached to it, then write those down as bullet points underneath the bigger worry. This kind of organization can often provide the visual clarity you need to think logically about your anxieties. I’ve found that when I write down what’s bothering me, I recognize how I can eliminate the worry or at least cope with it in a healthy manner.

Final Thoughts

Writing may not be as therapeutic for you as it is for me, but I think it’s worth a try! Knowing that I have a place to write down my worries is so helpful! I encourage you to try it out and see if it helps. Good luck!