Boutique Love: Brina Box and Pretty Little Things

Happy Monday everyone! I found the cutest company over the weekend called Brina Box. They sell jewelry, clothes, and a few other little accessories. Everything sparkles and is made for the girly girl in all of us. Best of all, their prices are reasonable and practically everything is discounted right now (raid their closet ladies!)

They’re a little boutique out of Arkansas with a taste for glamor and pretty things!

In other news, my weekend was busy! I hung out with my bestie Lindsey and tried to cram as much homework in as possible. I also cleaned my room and started organizing my closet for fall. Gosh, I need a bigger closet. First world problems, right? I also spent some time looking for cute faux fur vests that don’t look like something died on them. Brina Box is doing a pretty decent job of keeping it classy though! I really like their vests!

Let me know which piece you love the most!