8 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

good gifts for dadsGood morning gorgeous! I looked at my calendar and realized that Father’s Day was this coming Sunday! Talk about a mad dash for every department store in my area. Usually, I plan way ahead for events like this but June has already been a very busy month for me. The photo above is of me and my dad at my graduation! He likes to remind my sister and I that he didn’t have gray/white hair until we were born.

My dad has very specific tastes in what he likes in terms of gifts. His birthday is in December and by July he’s already made a list of suggested birthday gifts, you know just to give us plenty of time to purchase! For Father’s Day, he’s a little less specific. However, he did send me a link to a Baltimore Orioles plush blanket he’s been eyeing for awhile. Anyway, here are a few ideas for your Father’s Day gift-giving!

  1. Travel Caddy- For the dad always on business
  2. Hawaiian Print Shirt- For the dad that’s looking forward to retirement and the floral shirts that come with it
  3. Beer Caddy- For the dad who enjoys a cold one while watching the game
  4. Baseball Tie- For the dad who loves the American classic
  5. Gourmet BBQ Sauces- For the dad who lives to grill
  6. Shaving Kit- For the dad who takes pride in his appearance
  7. Old-Fashioned Stove Top Popper- For the dad who enjoys a bit of nostalgia and tasty, fresh popcorn
  8. Sperrys- For the dad who adores his boat and the accessories that come with it

Casual Summer Style

Weekend Style

Oh Monday, you’re here again. I was hoping we might just skip right to Friday and forget about the work week. It doesn’t work that way apparently. I’m sitting here in bed wearing my pjs and drinking my coffee listening to the birds chirping, why are they so darn perky in the morning? I’m a groggy mess at the moment. I’m still recovering from my wild weekend (kidding). For Father’s Day, my family and I went to church and then headed to a BBQ place for obvious reasons. I really do have a great dad. I was one of the lucky kids!

Now onto important stuff, like what I wore this weekend (sarcasm intended). Saturday I spent shopping for bathing suits with my sister and her friend. I dreaded these shopping trips when I was her age. To her credit though, she looks way cuter in them than I ever did. To brighten the otherwise humbling shopping trip, I wore floral print shorts from Old navy and an orange, loose blouse also from Old Navy. I toted around my new Kate Spade bag too! That little thing makes me so happy.


On Sunday, I wore this adorable Lauren Conrad dress with a bright pink Aldo necklace I picked up in Texas (it’s on sale too!) For dramatic effect, I rocked a sunhat. There’s nothing that makes me feel classier than a big, floppy sunhat. It’s so Meredith Blake! Parent Trap reference anyone?



After this weekend though, I’ve determined that there are three things I can’t live without during the summer: big sunglasses, bright clothing, and a side braid. You’ll see me with a braid in my hair quite often this summer, this humidity is ruining my hair and this is the only way I can deal with it. Let me know hat are your three things are in a comment below!