Monday Morning Motivation

Happy Monday lovelies! That seems like an oxymoron at times. I look for motivation to get through the week on Monday mornings. Today, my motivation comes from a fall 2011 Donna Karan campaign featuring Isabeli Fontana. The photography tells a story that really couldn’t be told in words. In fact, I’ll let the pictures do the talking right now.

Aren’t these gorgeous? What’s most inspiring, is that she isn’t half naked promoting the brand like so many campaigns have their girls; she let’s her expression and body language promote what the label and collection are all about. Even more so, she let’s her power as a confident woman drive the campaign.

Be inspired by images like these. Walk with your head up, put your heels on, and wear red lipstick. We’ve all heard the saying “dress for the job you want.” Sometimes, this just isn’t possible (hello, I can’t dress like an Air Force pilot all day). However, we can accept and embrace the attitude and confidence that comes with the role of our dream job.