Spring Flowers in Bloom

spring flowers

Hello loves! I hope yesterday was beautiful and full of things to smile about. Mine certainly was as I won an eBay bid on some pink and white striped, seer sucker Sperrys! The best part was that I scored them for $6.50. That’s certainly something to smile about.

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram of some fresh tulips I bought and apparently everyone liked them because the photo was bombarded with ‘likes’ in minutes. Today I figured I’d focus my blog post on the flowers that will be blooming soon so you know what to expect the next time you visit a farmer’s market looking for some fresh stems!

  • Snowdrop anemones- Small white petals with a bright yellow center; a really nice addition to any bedroom.
  • Lilac- Light purple, sometimes pink small petals that grow in bunches to create a rather puffy-looking flower; perfect to grow in front of your house because they can get so big!
  • Daffodils- Yellow or white petals with a dark yellow, sometimes orange center; so beautiful for the Easter table!
  • Azaleas- Pink petals that bloom for a short time in the spring but burst with color. A nice touch for the walkway to your front door.
  • Tulips- Comes in a variety of colors and is a traditional flower to have in your home for Easter.
  • Daylilies- Similar to tulips, they bloom in several colors and are a traditional spring flower; they make a beautiful addition to a coffee table.

By no means is this list scientific or comprehensive but it gives you an idea of what’s in bloom or will be. I absolutely love fresh flowers in my house because they just add a little something special! Enjoy your next trip to a farmer’s market or even grocery store and buy some blooms!

witty n pretty

Easter and Spring Decorating Ideas

Easter Home Decor

Thank God it’s Friday! The temperatures are rising here in Kansas City and I’m really looking forward to the cute sundresses that will follow these sunny, warm days! This Saturday, I plan on putting up all the little Easter decorations I have and hopefully going to the City Market to find some fresh flowers for the kitchen.

Spring Home Decor

Going with a more natural theme, a few of my favorite flowers to put out for the spring time are Tulips and Lillies. They add so much festiveness and life to your home! I’ve also seen people use fake topiary statues as decorations for their mantels to add a little greenery to the living room.

Another popular decoration that is used in every celebration and one of the most pinned things on Pinterest is a chalkboard. Normally, I tend to think they’re over used but I really liked the Easter “He is Risen” chalkboard style print-out to frame for your wall. Speaking of wall decor, festive banners add a party-like feel to your home! Target has a few really great ones for under $5.

Finally, let’s talk about the important Easter basket. We cherish time with our families on Easter Sunday and we look forward to children seeing their Easter baskets for the first time. Having browsed the Easter aisles in Target and Walmart, I can see where most children are likely to pick a Star Wars or Frozen themed Easter basket this year. Being the traditional girl that I am, the baskets are so much prettier when they’re made from wicker. Instead of buying plastic baskets with Darth Vader on the front, include your child’s favorite characters in the little goodies inside the basket, but keep a traditional basket for a cohesive theme to the rest of your Easter celebration! Your kids will be happy and you’ll be proud of the beautiful basket you’ve created.

Leave a comment with your favorite Easter decorations to give me a few ideas for my own apartment!

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Birthday Festivities

birthday_girlThanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I’m always overwhelmed with the amount of kindness I’m shown on my birthday from friends, family, and my fabulous readers. It motivates me to keep going. Sometimes life just burns you out, but being reminded of the support system that backs you up breathes life into an otherwise tired spirit. Thanks for the breath of life guys!

Anyway, I had a really nice birthday despite visiting the doctor to be tested for this and that. My parents took me out for Italian food and then we came home and had my favorite ice cream cake! I also treated myself to a few goodies such as these adorable navy blue stiletto Ann Taylor heels I found on sale. They make my legs look amazing! Then I went into Aldo and scored some cat eye sunglasses for the summer. I was also gifted a lovely Kate Spade sequin watch and Abercrombie tee with a scarf from two really special people in my life.

easter_basket_ideas_for_womenI spent Easter Sunday enjoying the spring weather by the water. My mom, sister, and I sat on a dock and let the sun warm our backs. We watched the ducks dip their heads under water while their little feet were in the air. Some creatures just do the most adorable things. The Easter Bunny also came and left me with some cute notecards, chocolate, socks, nail polish, and gel window clings for decoration. Smart bunny!

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about my progress in the gym, my favorite exercises, and a few other tips. Don’t forget to join me!


Easter Baskets for the Young at Heart

Hello lovelies! I hope you feel rested and are ready for a new week. The weather is finally starting to improve and I feel comfortable wearing just a hoodie outside. Seriously, is there anything better than hoodie weather? I don’t think so! Since spring is coming and so is the Easter Bunny, I thought now would be the perfect time to give you some adorable ideas for a grown-up Easter basket! My mom still makes one for me and I love it every single year!


Easter Basket Ideas

  • Chocolate bunnies– Do I have to explain this one?
  • Phone cases– The one above is from Kate Spade but Target sells some really adorable ones for under $5 in their dollar section!
  • Nail polish– Essie is my favorite and you can find it cheap at Marshall’s. Get those spring colors!
  • Macarons– This little pastry sends a smile to the face of girls everywhere! Find them in your local bakery for about $3 a piece.
  • Pastel straws– They’ve been populating Instagram and the aisles of Target and they just so happen to look adorable in a fruity drink. You can buy them for about $3 a pack.
  • Stationary– I’m a sucker for cute stationary and you can find so many options for under $5 at Marshall’s and Target!
  • Tassel Earrings– Recently populating high end stores, these earrings are becoming a staple for spring! The ones above are from J Crew but I’ve seen similar ones in other stores for much cheaper. Check out Forever21 for more options.
  • Ashley Brooke Designs Mug– This glamorous artist in Orlando has me in raptures from her adorable mug collection! They’re not cheap, coming in at $23 per mug, but they’re darling!
  • Eos Lip Balm– These lip balms look like little Easter eggs themselves! I haven’t used them before but everyone tells me they’re amazing! You can buy them for about $3 each.

I’m a true believer that we’re never too old for an Easter basket and we should celebrate everyday like we’re kids again. Of course, I also believe that the true meaning of this very important holiday is sometimes overshadowed by a cute, little bunny.

As a Christian, remembering that He is risen and I’m saved from my own sins is much more important than an Easter basket. Being a born-again Christ-follower is the reason I celebrate this beautiful holiday. I love to make it cute and festive though, which is why I incorporate these other little traditions in my celebration of such an important holiday.


What I Gave Up for Lent

If I could sum up my first world problems in a movie title it would be the 2009 chick flick, Confessions of a Shopoholic. Like Isla Fischer’s character, Rebecca, in the movie, I get a bit of a high from finding a sale and swiping my card to pay for my purchases. It just makes me happy. As Rebecca says “Because when I shop, the world gets better.”


I’m such a spender! Not on electronics or going out to eat a bunch, but on pretty things that I don’t actually need but are on sale. I love a sale and a bargain. Therein lies my problem. I can’t resist a good deal and it’s becoming my worst enemy! I tried everything to stop myself; budgeting wasn’t helping and neither was my parents’ warnings about living within my means. I decided that in order to get my problem under control I had to take more drastic measures.

Like many religious people, I gave up something for Lent this year. Many of my friends gave up chocolate or social media, but I gave up shopping. That’s right, I quit cold-turkey. It’s been about two weeks since I last swiped my credit card. At first, it was so depressing. Seeing all of this stuff I want and not allowing myself to buy it was quite a victory though. The funny thing is I never felt victorious because I was just thinking about the stuff I wanted. I still kind of am.

Despite all of this, I’ve been really happy about all the money I’ve saved! I can finally start really paying off my credit card and am able to pay that stupid graduation application fee I still haven’t paid. A lot of what needed to happen is finally happening because I’m not spending my money on silly things that I don’t need. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

Shopping for me has always been part of my self-worth. I realize how bad this sounds and how wrong it is, but I’m telling you the hard truth. I place my own personal value in what I buy, what I can afford, and even what labels I’m wearing. What I gave up for Lent, is not only about allowing myself to rely on God to fill the gap between myself and something I can barely live without, it’s allowing myself to be vulnerable to others and how they see me. Honestly, I don’t think anyone sees me any differently because they never noticed what I bought or what I wore in the first place; only I noticed these things (and my bank may have too). This experience is allowing me to redefine how I see myself and that’s a powerful thing.