9 Things for Your Domestic Wish List

Domestic Wish List

Hello Wednesday, it’s lovely to see you! Once I get over this mid-week milestone, it’s all down hill from here. The rest of the week seems like nothing! Though my days aren’t excessively long, I always enjoy coming home and cooking dinner while watching Friends reruns. I need that time to unwind and chill out. My kitchen is either my happy place or a disaster zone, depending on the level of cleanliness. Since I just moved in to the place, it’s somewhere in between!

Domestic Chic!

Putting unique, cute touches all over the place is what I love to do and the kitchen is no exception. Browsing Target and Sur la Table always leaves me with tons of ideas. You might say this post is my personal domestic wish list that I’m sharing with you! What I like to do is set my sights on one particular item per pay day and purchase it based on how much I need versus want it. For example, if I need more silverware but I want a cute cookie jar, I’ll be buying the silverware first and the jar later. Like I said, this is a wish list not a “must-have” list. There’s a big difference!

Stores are so good at marketing things to girls like me. If you package something pretty, I will be tempted to buy it. My kitchen and home wish list is nothing short of a collection of pretty things that no one actually needs. Something else that I love but didn’t include on this list is a Kitchen Aid mixer in light pink! I might actually get some use of it assuming I can learn to bake without forgetting that my cookies are in the oven. First world problems.

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