Fruit-Infused Water


As the temperatures start to warm up, I’m relearning the value ice-cold water has in my life. I adore the refreshing feeling it gives my body when I’ve been outside for a few hours in the sun. More than anything, I love to “dress” my water in something visually appealing!

I first had fruit-infused water at a spa in Disney World. They had a pitcher of cucumber melon water chilling by the snack bar for guests to enjoy. I never thought I could really enjoy and be satisfied by water alone but I was proven wrong! Adding fruit to something basic really makes it better.

This spring and summer I’ll be drinking a lot of this! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Water pitcher (or a large water bottle if you need it on the go)
  • Cute drinking straws (for a festive look)
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries

These four fruits are the easiest to combine if the need arises. I also suggest when hosting a party creating a “water bar” for healthier guests. Before the party starts, chill glasses in the freezer to give them a frosted look and then take them out when your guests arrive. Garnish with an orange wedge.

Enjoy your water!


Beyonce’s 22 Day Diet Plan

It’s February and I broke my “clean eating” resolution about 3 weeks ago. It got boring and expensive. For your daily dose of inspiration though, Beyonce has announced a 22 day diet plan that she and her trainer have put together that will get you on the right track!

This plan is completely vegan and essentially cleans out your insides of all the gunk you put in it on a daily basis. Sounds great right? Meals delivered to your door and everything is completely measured out for you. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re getting enough kale in your diet. All good things come at a price though, and in this case, a high one. Each meal costs between $9-16. 

strawberry_saladHere’s my hangup with it- too expensive. I get why Beyonce is promoting this diet; it’s healthy and with her star power she can make a few (million) dollars off of it. However, truth be told, if we all had the money she does to spend on our diets, we would be eating just as healthily as she is. Well, most of us would. I would love to be able to make my favorite salad of toasted walnuts and pecans, chopped grapes, goat cheese, strawberries, spinach, and balsamic vinegar everyday. My budget doesn’t allow me to eat like this though. Most of America’s population can’t either.

This country is interesting because the poorest people tend to be the most overweight because they only have access to pre-packaged, high calorie food, which is cheaper. Due to our nation’s large geography, most of our fresh food is loaded on trucks 700 (or more) miles away and delivered to our stores. Economically speaking, in order for the farmers and stores to make a profit, they have to price the goods at a rate that will cover growing and shipping expenses, plus pay the people that are part of the process. The strawberries at my grocery store come from a totally different region of the United States and the price is reflected in that. I’m not angry at the farmers, the stores, or anyone else; it’s simply part of life. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to enjoy this luxury too often.

3 Ways to Eat Healthier

So what can we do to improve our diets? I really wish I could give you a simple answer to this, but there really isn’t one. I do have a few suggestions though.

  1. Plant a small garden- Pick out a few of your favorite fruits and veggies and plant them in the ground. For you city people, choose plants that don’t require deep soil so that you can plant them in window boxes and clay pots on your deck or in your window. You may not be growing enough veggies to feed your family for an entire season, but every bit helps.
  2. Go vegan one or two days a week- Like I just said, every bit helps. Reducing your intake of animal-based food to only five days a week can help cleanse your digestive system and it won’t ruin your budget.
  3. Juice it- I love a smoothie on days when I’m just too busy to eat a normal meal. These days can be for a juice cleanse. Try it weekly on your busiest days. There are tons of great recipes for healthy smoothies with fruits and veggies mixed in. My suggestion would be to buy the frozen fruit packages for cheap and spend the extra on buying the green goodness that goes in smoothie.

I think the key to a good diet is not about depriving yourself of everything (whether healthy, good stuff or chocolatey deliciousness), but enjoying it in moderation. If you’re a recent college graduate like me with lots of debt and no job offers, this rule is what we live and die by.

P.S. For any of my Jordanian readers, my thoughts and prayers are with your country in the wake of the horrific death of your pilot.


Losing the Christmas Cookie Weight

Coffee and this blog is how I like to start every morning! Writing for you is something I enjoy immensely. As I promised yesterday, I’m sharing with you my weight loss tips. When I started college I was around 150 lbs. By the time I finished my freshman year, I weighed 165 lbs. Yes, I gained the freshmen fifteen! In order to get this weight off I had to make some lifestyle changes. One change was what I ate and how much.


I lost about 20 lbs by doing the Slim-Fast diet and I’m here to try it again starting today. I went to Target and found the necessary items I needed to start this diet (my favorites to the left). The plan works like this: 3 snacks (fruit or snack bar), 2 protein shakes, and 1 healthy meal per day. Ultimately, you’ll be eating roughly 1300 calories a day. In order to maintain your weight (assuming you don’t eat a whole pizza and box of Twinkies everyday) you need to eat 2000 calories. To lose 2lbs a week, you need to eat less than 1500 calories. I always try to maximize how much weight and fat I can burn a week, Based on my current weight, BMI, and height, 1300 calories per day is what I should be taking in. The Slim-Fast diet is the best diet I’ve found to accomplish my goals.

What’s in the meals you ask? Well, that really depends on what you enjoy eating. Slim-Fast recommends it be less than 500 calories and include healthy choices (aka no fettucini alfredo). They have a list of healthy recipes you can choose from on their website. I’m looking forward to trying the chipotle turkey and black bean chili. I love Tex Mex style foods. I also found one that’s low-cal and tasty called the tex-mex couscous salad. I love anything that has couscous or basmati rice in it! There are so many things you can make that are low in fat and calories but still taste good.

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavor! It also shouldn’t mean missing out on the things you love. Here’s my biggest tip for being successful on a diet: Eat what you love on special occasions. If you’re going out to eat with the girls Saturday night, then enjoy the pasta carbonara and chocolate cake! Little cheats like this will make the rest of your diet a success because you are still getting tastes of what you love. When you deprive yourself completely it sets the diet up to fail because you’ll be cheating all the time. Eventually, this cheating adds up! On a personal note, I much rather have a dessert at a restaurant than a candy bar or bowl of ice cream at home. I rarely buy sweets for the house but when I go out, I get something decadent.

Looking fabulous is so worth the little calories cuts I have to make. Bikini season is just around the corner and I plan on spending a lot of time in the sun this summer. Losing a dress size is the best feeling in the world! Not feeling like a beached whale when you take off your beach cover-up is even better.


My Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Picks!

Happy Monday lovelies! It’s finally a sunny day in my hometown and I’m really happy about that. Winters in the mid-atlantic usually consist of fog, overcast days, slush, drizzling rain, and 40 degree days. I pretty much detest all of it. For those of you who are in a slightly less sunny part of the world, Lilly Pulitzer has found a way to bring some sunshine to you! It’s the After-Party Sale! Time to load up on pretty prints and the things that make us smile.

After-Party Picks

I absolutely love Lilly’s clothes. They’re so vibrant and full of life! However, for most of us it isn’t always affordable for the average person. Besides the trunk show, the After-Party sale is our best bet at affordable Lilly. Shop soon though, the sale ends tomorrow!

In other news, today I’m going shopping to grab some supplies for my lose-the-christmas-cookie-weight diet. I’ll be letting you in on my diet secrets and plans tomorrow! Stay sunny!