Obsessed with Watercolor

Hello lovelies! I have a new obsession- watercolor illustrations from the Jones Design Company! The owner and designer, Emily, is a talented lady that has so much to share with the world. I first heard about her business when I was looking for design blogs to follow and then I came across her store and fell in love with the cute things she’s created. She’s a busy wife and mom of four kids.¬†Emily really takes #bosslady to a whole new level!

I ordered one of her prints a month ago and I was so happy with it. I wanted something beautiful to hang on my wall that also included words of encouragement for my toughest days. I chose the “Do Not Worry” print. In full it says “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.” I repeat these words to myself every single day, we all should. There’s beauty and truth to them.


Emily also has a few freebies on her website including this adorable “Summer Essentials” print I downloaded and then printed on heavy card stock paper. It came out beautifully and looks so nice on my desk! I’m absolutely in love with the touch of whimsy illustrations like these can add to a room. There’s just something lovely about them.


I strongly believe that every room in a home needs flowers, sunlight, and artwork. Many of the Jones Design Company’s illustrations combine all of those things onto a single piece of paper. The results are truly wonderful. If you’re looking for something to brighten your living space, consider some of Emily’s artwork. It will make you smile!


Home Tour: Christmas Decoration Edition

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is how my mom decorates our house. She really makes it feel like a rustic, colonial Christmas from ages ago. When I was away at college, I always looked forward to coming home because it always looked so pretty and smelled like cinnamon and baked goods.

This year, mom added a few decorations and retired a few old ones that were falling apart. Both of us have a thing for adding a lot of greenery around the house during the cold, bleak winter months. I love putting garland over the kitchen cabinets and doors to add color to space. We wrap lights around the garland for an added pretty effect!

In my own bedroom, I bought some red flannel sheets from Target to warm up the otherwise cool color palette. I also went online and ordered the 2014 Inslee Haynes calendar so I could frame each month’s picture. So far, I’ve hung four pictures on my wall and they look beautiful!

A little fun fact about my growing up years; every Christmas my mom or grandma would get me a Hallmark Keepsake ornament usually themed around something that interested me that year. I’ve picked a few of my favorites to share with you! The little kitchen set ornament was from last year. I had been trying to learn to cook! The Barbie dream house was from my early years when I was obsessed with dressing up Barbie and Ken. The Edward and Bella ornament was from my high school years. Seriously, I couldn’t get enough of the Cullen clan. Finally, the American Girl Felicity ornament was from my grade school years. I read American Girl Doll books like it was nobody’s business. Each of these ornaments holds a special memory, one that will be passed down for many generations!



Trending for 2014: Lots of Sparkle

holiday_style_trendsOne of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is check Instagram. Call me superficial or whatever, but it gives me a bit of inspiration for the day! I’ve been tracking and identifying a few key trends I’m seeing for this holiday season. Like you, I’m still figuring out what I’m going to wear for New Year’s Eve. I want to make sure I sparkle though! Luckily for me, the big trends have lots of sparkle!

The first thing on my list of sparkle, are these adorable H&M¬†gold sequined pants. Is it just me or have you been seeing this all over the place? I have half a mind to think they’re incredibly itchy but probably worth it.

The next trend I’m eyeing are tulle skirts. My favorites are from Bliss Tulle but the one in the photo comes from Wardrobe by Dulcinea. These adorable skirts are pricey though. I’d suggest checking out Forever 21 and finding one there. I would also try it on to make sure it doesn’t make you look ridiculous. Some girls can pull this look off and others can’t. I personally cannot!

My next favorite statement right now are cuff earrings. These ones are from Bauble Bar and are the absolute cutest. The price is fairly reasonable as well. I thought the cuff trend would be a little too rock ‘n’ roll for my style but at a recent event I was at one girl really made them look feminine and flirty.

As we all know, the cute t-shirts with adorable sayings on them are ever-so popular. This ‘Cheers’ tee comes from the Couture Kitten on Etsy. I’d love to know how this girl made these fabulous shirts. They look so great with just about anything. Hint: You can totally wear one of these with the sequined pants or tulle skirt!

Finally, I have my eyes set on this fabulous clutch from Kate Spade. Sadly, it appears they don’t sell it anymore. I’m looking through Ebay to see if anyone is selling! I never thought so many girls would turn to clutches as an accessory given that they don’t hold much, but hey, at least it’s cute!

What trends have you been seeing? Let me know with a comment below!


Christmas Decorating on a Budget


Oh my goodness, Christmas is a week away! I’m freaking out! I haven’t watched half the movies I wanted to (namely Eloise at Christmastime, Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, and the Santa Clause). I haven’t baked a thing, not a single gift wrapped, still have shopping to do, and I’m not in the Christmas spirit! I keep saying to myself “Liz get in the spirit of the season! Hurry up!” and it isn’t working. I’m getting annoyed and running out of time. The big day is almost here and I haven’t done a thing to celebrate.

Anyway, rant over. I was walking through Target the other day and they have the cutest things for Christmas/winter decor. Some of it was already on sale! I’ve put together a few of my favorites for you guys in hopes of inspiring you to do some last minute decorating! I have so many cute things in mind for next year that I’m stocking up on Christmas everything December 26th.

The first thing I’m buying is that adorable ornament wreath! Everything you see in this post is from Target so it’s affordable. There’s nothing I dislike more than when bloggers or writers try to pass Pier 1 Imports off as “thrifty decorating.” There isn’t anything thrifty about spending $65 on a wreath. However, $20 I can work with.

Most of the pieces shown above I pictured in a living room and dining room setting. For example, the little silver tree could sit on the fireplace mantle or on a coffee table next to a stack of books. My number one tip for decorating is to keep it clean. There’s no need to overload your house (or lawn) with tons of knick knacks. Remember that less is more. Also, stick to a simple color scheme using no more than three coordinating colors.

Still need some Christmas inspiration? Check out my Christmas-inspired Pinterest page!


Blog Inspiration!


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing on my mind is “what do I write about” (after coffee of course). I’m sure other bloggers feel the same way I do when they feel like there isn’t anything to write about. It’s basic writer’s block. What do we do to get past this? We find inspiration! This is mine for the day and I hope this will inspire you too! Sparkles, pinks, golds, and Vogue of course make for a big smile on my face and a renewed sense of what I love!