Fall Coffee Bar

Fall Coffee Bar

Good morning lovelies. It’s Monday again (will it ever just stop coming?) and I’m just not loving it like I should be. For whatever reason, some of the motivational-types in the blogging community have tried to convince the rest of us that Mondays are a gift and should be used to get as much done as possible. Are they kidding? I’m thrilled when I put makeup on and fold my laundry on Mondays.

In all seriousness though, I do get a lot done at the start of the new work week if I have a good night’s rest the evening before AND if I have my coffee in the morning. As someone who loves to decorate for every holiday and season, having a seasonal coffee bar is a little slice of paradise! In keeping with the trends, what better way to enjoy a coffee bar than on a bar cart?

Start with the basics, what color scheme do you like? I prefer gold, burnt orange, and cream. Something like orange, navy, and dark purple might be nice too. Since not all of us have bar carts sitting around much less a budget to buy one, a suitable alternative would be a nice entry way table like the ones you put your keys on when you walk in the house.

From there, add pumpkins, a bowl of apples, a tin of biscotti, or even pre-lit tree branches in a vase for a romantic look. I also think a tassel garland hanging off the side of a coffee bar or above it on the wall is really pretty! Keep the coffee maker on the top of bar cart with the little extras like cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin spice. Add a candle or reed diffuser for decoration.

On the bottom of the cart put your coffee bags, mugs, stir sticks, and other coffee accessories. Depending on the size of the space your working in, less really can be more. I love to add decoration but I don’t like clutter. There’s a fine line!

In the fridge keep whipped cream, coffee creamers, milk, and syrups. To keep the cravings under control (and the coffee budget), write down any Starbucks drink recipes you like on pretty index cards and keep them at the bar. It’s really great to have around when you have company too! What better way to make guests feel welcome than a homemade pumpkin spice latte?

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