How to be a Lady: 3 Helpful Hints

marie_from_the_aristocatsI absolutely adore the Disney movie The Aristocats.The cutest kitty in that movie is little Marie. Her best line in the movie is “Ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them!” This prompted me to write a short post on what it truly means to be a lady. We are all born girls but only a few of us manage to become ladies. Here are a few lady-like standards true ladies should adhere to.

Rule 1: Ladies really don’t start fights

This little lady was right- ladies don’t start fights. They can exchange words but hair pulling and wrestling each other doesn’t do much for the reputation of the women engaging in the argument. People can have disagreements but they have to remain civilized in polite company.

Rule 2: The shorter the hemline, the smaller the heel

You all know what I’m talking about. You see it at the clubs and bars; the girls with hemlines that may as well not exishow_to_be_a_ladyt and heels that give her another 6 inches of height (or maybe it’s the bump-it in her hair). Ladies, if you’re going to wear a short dress, then please wear a kitten heel. Those stilettos look amazing, believe me I understand, but with the hemline being so high, just refrain from wearing them. We are ladies, not adult performers.

Rule 3: Avoid crass language

I knew one girl who was so classy to look at but when she opened her mouth it was so disappointing. If you find yourself inserting a curse word into every other sentence you speak, then I’d say you need to work on that. In my opinion, people who use curse words abusively in conversation aren’t intelligent to find other words that could convey the same meaning but more eloquently.

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How to Style a Perfume Tray

vanity_tray_parent_trapI love perfume trays and jewelry trays. There’s just something really elegant about them. The first one I ever saw and became fond of was in “The Parent Trap” with Natasha Richardson. In the movie, Natasha had a beautiful bedroom that featured a vanity table filled with little lady-like trinkets and perfume bottles. I was completely in love! Ever since then I wanted something similar. I haven’t quite pulled off the look yet but give me some time and an unlimited budget and I’ll have it ready to go in no time!

4 Steps to a Perfume Tray

Step one: Find a tray with either a silver backing or a mirrored one. This one is by Threshold designs at Target and it’s $14.99! I love it because of the rhinestones around the mirror. Another great place to find trays like this is at antique stores or even thrift stores if you want something more elegant and time worn. Make sure to polish the silver first!

vanity_tray_targetStep two: Select your perfumes that you would like to display on your tray. Personally, I do not like putting body sprays from places like Bath & Body Works on my tray because it cheapens the look a little. I have several designer perfumes and even a few celebrity ones that come in cute glass bottles. If you don’t have expensive looking perfume bottles I might suggest checking out those antique stores again!


Step three: Organize your perfume bottles according to height. I put the tallest in the back and the shortest in the front to give the tray the look of fullness and grandeur. perfume_tray


Step four: Add some bling! I love seeing little rings, earrings, necklaces and such displayed on a vanity. Since I don’t have a “vanity” necessarily, it’s just as cute to place them on your perfume tray (don’t overload it though). In this photo, I simply put my earrings and ring towards the side of the tray.



Voila! There you have it, a perfect perfume display. It’s so classy and reminds me of stepping back in time a little to the Victorian Era when the aristocracy only had things like this. Thank goodness it’s more affordable now!

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The Difference Between Fashion and Style

I’ve never really had a clear definition of the difference between fashion and style. I thought to myself “aren’t they the same?” HA. No, silly girl, they are not the same! Everyone’s opinion on it will vary to some degree. However, fashion is what you buy, and style is how you wear it (I forget who said that, and so did Google apparently).

Since most designers are debuting their fall/winter lines at the moment, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss this sometimes touchy subject. What the girls where on the catwalk is fashion, but what we do with it later becomes style.

kate_middletonI’ve always thought a lot more of people who prefer to develop their own style than to simply buy whatever is the current trend. For example, the latest trend is pantsuits. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Nicole Richie have been spotted wearing these things. Quite honestly though, they aren’t remembered for having a specific style but only being on trend. Twenty years from now we’ll look back at their outfits and snicker at how goofy they look to us so many years later. People like the Duchess of Cambridge will be remembered for their style and elegance in the way they dress. I highly doubt anyone will be laughing at her outfits for at least 50 years.

Now I’ve said all this not to bash the designers and celebrities who wear their designs, but to remind the average person that following trends is sometimes costly, and more often than not, an outfit that your kids will make fun of you for later on. Trust me, I do this to my mom! Poor lady.

I’m going to suggest to you that instead of investing countless dollars in trendy pantsuits (though some are kinda cute) or in a mixed print romper, you might consider buying a few more staple items that you can pair with trendy accessories. Think hats, jewelry, shoes, and even nail polish. Sometimes this makes much more of a statement than an entire outfit that will most definitely be associated with this decade.

I’m going to end here with a little slideshow of some of the most stylish and classy ladies in fashion history (photos from Pinterest). Tomorrow be prepared for a checklist of staple items to have in your closet!

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A Lady’s Desk!

A Lady's Desk
A desk or an office says so much about a person, particularly a lady. Men can get away with a lack of style in their office space while women can’t. This is why ladies secretly run the world. When I become the CEO of my own company, the first thing I will be doing is decorating my office space. What do you think of this style? Let me know in a comment below!

A Dressing Room

A Dressing Room
The wealthy among us have a little thing called a walk in closet or even better, a dressing room. These were more common years ago but if you’re lucky enough to have one then you know how incredibly neat they are. Personally I would rather have a large closet with floor space to put a chair and pretty rug but if I am ever able to afford a full on dressing room, this is the color scheme I’m going with! What’s yours?