How to Wear Fair Isle Sweaters Stylishly

dressing for the holidays

Happy Wednesday girls! I can’t believe how fast the month of November is going. It feels like yesterday it was Halloween. It’ll be my first thanksgiving away from home this year. Since I live in Texas, going home to Maryland where my family is really isn’t an option. David and I will be spending the holiday with his family in San Antonio. The funny thing about going to someone else’s home for thanksgiving is you have no idea how they do things or how they dress for dinner. A classic thing that everyone wears during the holidays are Fair Isle sweaters. I don’t really think of those as fashion forward but if you wear them right, it can be really classy!

christmas sweaters

Classic Thanksgiving Day Outfit

I found my sweater last year at Forever 21 on clearance and I’ve gotten a lot of wear from it! Even though Thanksgiving in Texas is probably going to be rather warm (read: 80 degrees) I still plan on incorporating some traditional, chilly weather elements into my day. While many of us will be wanting to bring along some “fat pants” for the hours after we eat our Thanksgiving feast, we might want to draw some inspiration from the classic, preppy persona that goes hand-in-hand with a Fair Isle sweater but adding some fun elements.

preppy style for winter

Let’s start with my floppy felt hat. I bought it last year at Old Navy for $15 and I love how trendy it is but also how affordable it was. I’m not one for spending a lot of money on “trendy” items that will come and go within a year. I prefer to spend big bucks (like I have that) on timeless pieces that will look good year after year. Another trendy piece I featured here are the camel-colored peep-toe mules. I found these at Target and frankly, I think shoes like these could be placed into the “classic” category eventually. They seem to be coming back again and again!

new england style

holiday outfit ideas

how to style floppy hats

So how do you style classic clothing like Fair Isle sweaters? Leave me a comment to give me some ideas for my holiday outfits this year!

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Classic Snow Storm Style

Quilted Jackets and Duck Boots

Oh goodness gracious, I hope my East Coast followers have been paying attention to the snow storm coming! This Maryland gal has been checking the forecast frequently and it appears we’re in for a modest 10-12″ of snow and ice. This storm comes at the worst timing for me because I have to fly home Saturday afternoon into Baltimore. I feel as though the snow is just waiting until I get to the airport to begin dumping on the runways so I can’t take off on time. Such is life, right?


In preparation for the inevitable freezing temperatures, I’ve dusted off my quilted jacket and pulled out my mom’s old duck boots. The quilted jacket I actually bought a few years back at Old Navy for $20. It was on clearance and the last size they had was an XS. Determined to buy the coat, I sucked it in and made it fit (more like stretched it out). My mom’s duck boots were from the 90s but I always steal them from her. Last spring, I found some Sperry duck boots for $35! Those have become my go-to shoe for wet days.

With all the sidewalk shoveling you’re going to be doing this weekend, I suggest you invest in a good quilted jacket and duck boots. I love the quilted jackets because they’re warm but still very mobile in terms of movement range. The duck boots offer the same thing. Wearing snow boots has always been something I dreaded because they feel so clunky.

The above jackets and boots are all under $100 and most are under $60! Normally, I wouldn’t pay that much for a single article of clothing (I’m a bargain hunter, remember?) but both of these items won’t go out of style and they’ll last for years. Keep an eye out for sales coming up in the next few months on clothes like these! I’ve already seen bikinis coming onto the sales floors so it won’t be long before winter jackets are 75% off!

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Unique Ways to Wear Cardigans

how to wear cardigans

I am a sucker for classic wardrobe pieces. At least 3 little black dresses hang in my closet and I have numerous tubes of red lipstick. The one piece I wish I had more of though is a cardigan. They’re so versatile and look great on everyone. I relied very heavily on mine when I worked in an office because it was the one thing that kept me warm! Because they go with everything, I got creative with how I wore them.

How to Wear a Cardigan

Just because cardigans are a classic doesn’t mean you can’t update them! The first way to wear it is with a great pair of utility pants. They’re very on-trend this season and you can find them in a large range of prices. The ones pictured above are on clearance at J Crew Factory! They also come in red!

The second way to wear them is with a classic pencil skirt. Revolutionary? Not really, but it looks professional and put-together for the office. With a simple look like this, I like to add a big statement necklace to give the outfit some character and excitement. This pencil skirt is on sale for $19.99!

Finally, another great outfit is pairing a cardigan with pull-on pants. I’m not sure where the trendiness of these pants started, but they’re relaxed through the hip and thigh while tapered at the ankle. Adding a classic touch to these modern pants pulls the outfit together.

You can find these fabulous cardigans on clearance at J Crew Factory for $24.99! The quality is really great and you can get a lot of use out of them year-round. Consider investing in one especially for the holiday season approaching.

Comment with your favorite classic piece and suggestions on how to wear it! Have a lovely day!

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Guy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Good morning lovelies! I’m super excited to share with you (and for you to share with the man in your life) my favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day! The traditional chocolates and roses are my favorite out of everything I mention in this blog post, but for those of us who like to be spoiled I came up with a few items and even a little graphic so you can share it on your Facebook wall and tag a certain someone in it!


Gentlemen, please turn your attention to me as I walk you through everything. I promise that you’ll be safe if you use my guidance and suggestions. I realize (and so will you sooner or later) that some of this stuff is just too expensive to buy, which is why you must understand that these are suggestions and by no means the only way to make a girl happy. However, if you want to blow her expectations out of the water, you might consider a few of my ideas!

  • Miss Dior Perfume- Seriously, what girl wouldn’t love perfume like this on the most romantic day of the year? Gents, you can find this perfume at Nordstrom’s and also Sephora. I’d suggest places like but for quality assurance, go to a department store.
  • Jo Malone candle- Candles are romantic and cozy. Girls love romantic and cozy! Jo Malone candles are packaged pretty and smell divine! Saks 5th Avenue has a whole selection online. If this is a bit out of your price range, try a Bath & Body Works candle!
  • Kate Spade Wallet- If your lady is like me, she’s in love with Kate Spade! While getting her a bag may be a little over-the-top, a wallet could be just the ticket! This is my favorite wallet they have in stock. You can’t go wrong with it.
  • Pink Roses- Red roses are lovely, but pink seems so much more youthful!
  • Coffee Mug- For the young professional woman, coffee is her lifeline. This adorable mug will remind her she’s beautiful everyday.
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries- Whether you make them yourself or buy them from Godiva, this is much better twist on the traditional box of chocolates (and it tastes better too!) As much as our moms enjoyed the box of Russell Stover goodies, we like something a little different.
  • Champagne- This goes so well with those strawberries I mentioned! Don’t forget the champagne flutes! Pop fizz clink!

My last suggestion to you men is regardless of what you give her or do for her, write her a letter. Not a text or an email, an actual letter. It doesn’t have to be ridiculously sappy or dramatic, it only needs to be filled with the things you appreciate about her. List them, bullet point them, whatever you do just write what’s on your heart!


My Opinion on Lilly for Target

lilly_for_targetThe best news I’ve heard all week is Lilly Pulitzer for Target. For some, it was the worst news they had heard all week because it made the preppy brand too affordable. Herein lies the concept that many people simply don’t understand: money doesn’t buy class.

If anyone knows anything about Lilly Pulitzer clothing they know two things. First, the brand features bright colors and loud prints. Second, it is pricey. The typical people the brand caters to is the college-aged crowd of sorority girls and the upper-class ladies of the southeast. Considering the average price of a dress is around $200, we can safely say that the masses haven’t been able to wear Lilly’s clothing… until now. For some people, the Target collection will be the death of the brand and the classiness that’s associated with it. “Oh no! Girls without trust funds and daddy’s BMW will be able to wear Lilly? Say it isn’t so!” Excuse my sarcasm, but you get my drift. For whatever reason, people automatically assume that if you have money to buy expensive brands, then you’re classy. If you don’t, then you aren’t classy. Since when did money buy class?

Let me outline a few things that actually do equate to real classiness.

  • Kind, generous heart
  • Presentable appearance (clean face, styled hair, appropriate hemline, nose ring removed)
  • Good manners
  • Nice personality
  • Doesn’t drop the ‘F bomb’ every few sentences
  • Abides by the Golden Rule
  • Keeps secrets a secret
  • Confidence (not to be confused with cockiness)
  • Thankful spirit

By no means is this list all-inclusive, but I hope I’ve made my point. Being classy is just as much an inside thing as it is an outside thing. I place a lot of value on looking nice. No one wants to look at someone who just rolled out of bed. However, looking neat and clean doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Its the garments you choose and put together that will determine how you look. For example, I was in BCBG the other day and found a plunging v-neck, thigh-high hemline party dress for $130. At Express next door I found on sale a one-shoulder little black dress for $45. Guess which one looked classier?

audrey_hepburn_classyYour inner appearance should look just as great as the outside. You can wear Versace everyday and still be the trashiest person alive if your heart isn’t beautiful. Audrey Hepburn is a lovely example of inner and outer class. She dressed beautifully but spent her time (especially in her later years) helping others. Together, both aspects of who she was created her legacy. 

If you clicked on the link I highlighted in the first sentence of this post, then you’ll know why I had to write about this misunderstood topic. Whether you decide to wear the Lilly for Target line or not is up to you, but I for one am glad to see that this preppy, pretty brand values the average consumer and wants to see every girl looking put together and dare I say, classy?