Coachella Fashion for the Chic-Minded

Happy hump day loves! Wednesday is my saving grace every week. Coffee is too don’t get me wrong, but it’s something I need everyday to function as opposed to something I look forward to. If I can get through a Wednesday though, I can definitely make it through Thursday and Friday! 
 Coachella style tipsIf any of you pay attention to the music world, you’ll know that Coachella, a huge music festival near Palm Desert in California, is going on. Many fashion bloggers I follow are attending and stay at the stunning Saguaro Hotel. Before I go any further, can I just say staying at that hotel is serious #goals? The fun, vibrant colors throughout the place just makes Instagram photos that much better. I’m assuming that’s why so many bloggers conveniently stay there. Anyway, more importantly than where bloggers and music lovers stay, is what they wear to this music festival.

Buzzfeed did a roundup of celebrity fashion for the event and I’m sorry to say it, but most of the outfits were a flashback to Woodstock. There are certain things I just won’t wear and most of those things are well-worn at Coachella. I get it though, this event is a little hippie and eccentric so the fashion will be too. For anyone who might be a little preppier but is thinking of going next year, I have a few style picks for you! I promise you’ll fit in but still look like your chic self! Enjoy!

Terrible Trends Tuesday: Some things will never be cute

Hello girls (and guys!) Hope your Monday was more exciting than mine. I’m the queen of “blah” the first day of the new week. My sister is princess hide-in-her-cave (bedroom) until it’s absolutely necessary to come out. Monday is just something I can’t get into the groove of. Speaking of things I’m not a fan of, let’s talk about a few things that have been trending here recently; Birkenstocks and clunky shoes to be exact.

birken_stocksI’m just curious as to who started this trend and what on Earth makes it cute? Last I checked, Birkenstocks were for the hippies and clunky shoes were for Lady Gaga. Now before anyone goes all “stop stereotyping” on me, I’d like to explain my thoughts on this. First, I thought designers and department stores were pushing to make us all look chic and sophisticated. chunky_shoesLast I checked, clunker shoes and Birkens were not chic and certainly not sophisticated. And second, I love a good bargain and both of these shoes scream bargain to me but those Birkenstocks are upwards of $80! The clunky white shoe is around $30. It’s a little cheaper but it also reminds me of shoes I had at 2 years old.

Another thing I have noticed that’s fashionable is rocking a crop top. Does anyone else think that these little tops just hit people at a part of their body that usually isn’t flattering? It certainly doesn’t elongate one’s figure. I had one before they were popular and it cut me in half. It wasn’t cute! I think this is a trend started by American Eagle– get teenagers to pay $30 for half a shirt. WINNING.

Anyway, I’d love your thoughts on this! Comment below!