Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Bar Cart Styling

bridal shower bar cart

Hey lovelies! I’m super excited to FINALLY be sharing my new bar cart with you all! I had posted a poll on Instagram about a month ago asking if I should get a bar cart or bench for our little breakfast area off the kitchen and it was pretty 50/50! So I went with this super cute gold bar cart from Target that was on sale for $75! Can’t beat that! Here’s the link if you’ve been wanting one!

bachelorette cups

fake peonies

sparkling rose wine

black cat on bar cart

My little acrobat, Binx, decided she wanted to be in the photos and help with the styling of my bar cart! She’s a character! After I came home from Denver, I had a ton of really cute items left from the party that I thought would look cute on a bar cart.

You can find the “Bride to Be” sign here and the “Last Fling Before the Ring” cups here! These were the cutest and made for good pictures! Now they look adorable sitting on my little cart.

When I was styling everything on here, it was so hard to figure out what should go where. I think the key to good bar cart style is having a mix of heights and textures present. I used a variety of accessories that would give it some visual interest like the flowers placed on the floor (which were $2.50 each at Target from their Opal House collection!!!) I also used some coffee table books on the bottom shelf to add height to the little topiary. I’m honestly really thrilled by how it came out! I’m definitely going to have fun styling it for each season. I think David would rather just keep wine on it but I’m the decorator in the house so we’re going to have to compromise there haha!



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The Prettiest Rose Gold-Themed Bridal Shower!

I’ve been looking forward to sharing these photos with you for the last week and I finally am getting time to do it! June 22nd was my bridal shower back in my hometown in Maryland hosted by mom and sister (along with several other ladies who helped!) It was such a special day for me and I had been looking forward to it for months! My mom and sister put a ton of planning into it and everything was just gorgeous!

bridal shower invites

Can we talk about how adorable these bridal shower invites are?! My mom found them on Amazon and then had her friend (with nice handwriting) write in the information.

bridal shower table idea

rose gold plates

Knowing my love of rose gold, the tables were all decked out in sparkles, sequins, rose gold plates and silverware and even mason jars! It was absolutely fabulous! These were also Amazon finds. GO mom!

well wishes for the bride

I thought this was super cute! My mom had everyone fill out a “wishes and advice for the bride” and it was so special all the advice I got. Some things were funny, other things were sweet and sentimental. It’s definitely something I’ll treasure!

My mom and sister also had this adorable balloon arch on the wall by the food table (they made my dad inflate all the balloons, poor man). There was a delightful fruit parfait bar set up with berries, granola, crushed up Oreos and vanilla wafers. My mom also got a tray full of my favorite Chick-Fil-A chicken minis! Oh my goodness I love those things! My sister also made these super cute mini cupcakes and she dusted them with rose gold edible glitter. Last but not lease, my mom had a cake made with David and I’s picture on it. My sister took great delight in eating the piece with David’s face on it to which she sent him a picture of. So glad he has a sense of humor!

Since David and I’s families are so spread out, this shower was more of my friends and family than his. McKenna, my bridesmaid and friend of 15-some years, was there and it was so awesome to see her after 6 months. She and I have been close for years and refer to each other as “twin.” Haha! There’s an embarrassing backstory to that I won’t be sharing!

Of course the fun part of a bridal shower (at least for the bride) is opening gifts. Well, I didn’t expect this to happen but it did! My friend’s mom got me lingerie! That’s always a fun gift to open in front of your mom and sister. Everyone got a good laugh out of it and frankly, so did I! Just glad my poor dad wasn’t there, we both would have died of embarrassment lol!

I’m so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with me and my family! My parent’s church let us use their fellowship hall to host the shower and I was blown away by how kind everyone was there! Sunday morning the pastor recognized and congratulated my parents and I on my engagement, which I thought was really nice. It was such a great weekend with my family and I can’t wait to get married inĀ  4 MONTHS!!