My Items for a Cozy Day in!

A cozy day in for my kitty!

We all enjoy a day off to relax and revive ourselves. I am not exception to this rule, especially since I just finished all my finals and I had my wisdom teeth pulled. By the way, my cheeks seem to be bruising more and more by the hour. If anyone has any tips to reduce swelling and such please comment below! Anyway, since all this is going on I need a day to just sit back and enjoy a day of nothingness. I’m a go-go-go kind of person and just sitting down is hard for me. Here’s what I do to relax and enjoy a cozy day in!

1. Comfy Clothes

Do I even have to explain this one? No one wants to spend a day lounging around in jeans and a polo shirt. You need something soft and loose to really relax and feel at home. I love wearing my university sweatpants and this cute new Aeropostale hoodie I found for $7 at the mall. Its super soft and just enough ventilation so I don’t get over heated. 

2. Tea Please!

I’m trying to learn to enjoy tea more but I’m still a coffee addict. I do love Tazo Passionfruit Tea from Starbucks though. I’m trying to find a recipe for it so I can cave some money and make it at home. The nearest Starbucks is 15 minutes away so there are no such things as quick Starbucks runs around here. I’ll be stocking up on teas and coffees (possibly buying a cute mug or two) and settling in. 

3. A Book

We rely on media to entertain us but books have been doing so for much longer. I’m not a fan of fiction books unless its a Lauren_Conradreally great one. However, I do love books about history, crazy conspiracies (they’re fun to think about), fashion, home decor, lifestyle, and old magazines. Find a genre that interests you and dig in. Reading makes you a well-rounded individual and is good for your mind. 

4. Candles

Ahhh candles. Is there anything more calming than the smell of a burning Bath_and_Body_Workscandle? I think not. Having a few around adds a nice touch to a relaxing day. My favorites ones to burn are Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candle and Mahogany Teakwoood from Bath and Body Works. They smell divine together! Plus Mahogany Teakwood smells like the Abercrombie cologne my boyfriend wears. Yum!

5. Pinterest

I know I’m lame for saying this, but cuddled under a blanket I could pin for hours! I love pinning to my one blog called “The Feeling of Home” because its all about coziness! Me and my bestie Lindsey used to room together for an internship we both did at Disney World and during our days off we would begin by the pool and end in our beds pinning to our heart’s content.

6. Music

Whether you want to listen to something upbeat or low key it can soothe your soul! I love listening to the ‘Sound of Sunshine’ by Michael Franti & Spearhead for a great upbeat sound. For something a little more chill I love some Jack Johnson!

7. Nail Polish

I love doing my nails when I have time to do them well! Grab your nail file and clippers and get to work on prepping yourNail_Polish fingers and toes for a gorgeous update! Something I love to do is choose a basic nail color (I usually go for a light pink) and painting all my fingers with a few coats then let them dry. After, I paint each tip with a sparkle polish kind of like you would a French manicure. However, on both of my ring fingers I paint the entire nail with the sparkle polish. Its so cute!

8. The Entire Season of a TV Show

Is there anything better than finishing a season of something on Netflix? I do that at least a few times a year. My latest show is ‘Lie to Me‘ even though it only has 3 seasons (which is beyond me because it was such a cool show). However, in the past I’ve gotten into ‘My Fair Wedding with David Tutera‘ and ‘White Collar‘ (Matt Bomer is too cute). 

9. Fruit

A cozy day in is also a great day for a little detox. Fruit is such a wonderful thing and is loaded with anti-oxidants and other good stuff. I love to cut up pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries and put them all in the same bowl then sprinkle a small amount of sugar on them (sometimes salt if they’re already too sweet) and then dig in! So yummy and refreshing. Add some Light Cool Whip for a dessert feel! 

10. Soft Pillow

Pillow_PinkI stack pillows on my bed like its nobodies business! At one point I had 7 on my queen sized bed. Surround yourself with pillows and leave room for a nap. There are so many benefits to napping I don’t know why employers aren’t on board with it. For now, on your day off take a nap and enjoy every minute of. For an even better nap, open your window a bit and let the breeze come in!

What are your must haves for a cozy day in? Let me know by commenting below! Thanks!