An Au Naturale Stylish Outfit!

Nothing says summer to fall like this! We love the rompers, but this long sleeve version in a very muted tone is great for that transition time. I love going black with my accessories because it looks so chic. A red lip is also trending (thanks Taylor Swift!) This outfit would be so great for a Saturday afternoon at the outdoor mall or at a cute little cafe somewhere.

It’s kind of funny because I have all these great ideas for adorable outfits to wear and nowhere to actually go in them! I live in a rural town and it’s perfectly acceptable to go literally anywhere in your sweatpants. During my time living in Washington, D.C., it was so great to dress up a little and go somewhere, even if it was during the day. Here’s my little tribute to those of us who get to dress up!

Comment below with your favorite thing to dress up in! Share with your friends and get a group of ladies to go somewhere with you in your outfits!Au Naturale


Audrey Hepburn and a Little Black Dress

Audrey Hepburn’s classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s Little Black Dress. Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet. A classy one! Not one that you could also wear to a night club on the beach. The little black dress needs to be attractive and conservative enough to be compared to Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn’s.
I read a quote once from a designer, it might have been Edith Head, who said “A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but lose enough to show that you’re a lady.” Not the exact wording but you get the idea.

Style: Dusty Rose

Love me
I absolutely adore this set I created a few years ago! I think its perfect for a day at the mall or hopping on a plane to get out of town. Its edgy, yet chic and feminine. What are your thoughts? Comment, like, and share!

Paris Inspired!

Paris inspired

Headed for Paris!

Just a little something I created a few years back!

Cotton sweater

True Religion blue jeans

Marc jacobs handbag
$1,705 –

Bracelet bangle
$72 –

Anita Ko heart ring

Collar necklace
$115 –

Tiffany Co silver jewelry
$200 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics blush

Pink makeup
$6.04 –

Lancaster lips makeup

Chanel fragrance