Black, Gold, and Pink Color Inspiration

I was messing around with some colors for my future apartment and am really starting to love the sophistication of gold, black, and pink! It really suits my need of something “grown-up” but also girly. Plus, black is timeless! No one will be able to pinpoint the decade in which I decorated my home.


The key to decorating any space in my opinion is to stay away from trends and use classic pieces as your palette then add items such as a comforter or a rug that shows off your style. I’ve learned this not so much from decorating or clothing as I have from architecture. Seriously, how many times have you driven past a building and been like “ew, that’s definitely from the 1970s”? I’ve encountered this so often and I’m determined never to build something that anyone could possibly say that about.

Let me know your opinions on this pretty color scape!



How to Style a Perfume Tray

vanity_tray_parent_trapI love perfume trays and jewelry trays. There’s just something really elegant about them. The first one I ever saw and became fond of was in “The Parent Trap” with Natasha Richardson. In the movie, Natasha had a beautiful bedroom that featured a vanity table filled with little lady-like trinkets and perfume bottles. I was completely in love! Ever since then I wanted something similar. I haven’t quite pulled off the look yet but give me some time and an unlimited budget and I’ll have it ready to go in no time!

4 Steps to a Perfume Tray

Step one: Find a tray with either a silver backing or a mirrored one. This one is by Threshold designs at Target and it’s $14.99! I love it because of the rhinestones around the mirror. Another great place to find trays like this is at antique stores or even thrift stores if you want something more elegant and time worn. Make sure to polish the silver first!

vanity_tray_targetStep two: Select your perfumes that you would like to display on your tray. Personally, I do not like putting body sprays from places like Bath & Body Works on my tray because it cheapens the look a little. I have several designer perfumes and even a few celebrity ones that come in cute glass bottles. If you don’t have expensive looking perfume bottles I might suggest checking out those antique stores again!


Step three: Organize your perfume bottles according to height. I put the tallest in the back and the shortest in the front to give the tray the look of fullness and grandeur. perfume_tray


Step four: Add some bling! I love seeing little rings, earrings, necklaces and such displayed on a vanity. Since I don’t have a “vanity” necessarily, it’s just as cute to place them on your perfume tray (don’t overload it though). In this photo, I simply put my earrings and ring towards the side of the tray.



Voila! There you have it, a perfect perfume display. It’s so classy and reminds me of stepping back in time a little to the Victorian Era when the aristocracy only had things like this. Thank goodness it’s more affordable now!

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Breakfast Before Tiffany’s!

Breakfast Before Tiffany's!
I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard just make my heart happy. They’re so cute together. The scene where he accidentally wakes her up trying to get into the building is so iconic to the movie! I thought I would create my own little scene for it. This is my ideal morning. Complete with that yummy crescent! I’m also going to get a knitted blanket like the one pictured here. I know you can find them at places like Marshall’s for a fairly decent price!
What’s your favorite Audrey Hepburn movie? Comment below!

Creating the Perfect Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Hello loves! I was cleaning my room earlier and thought to myself “what makes the perfect bedside table?” After a few minutes of Pinterest and Google I think I figured it out. I have put together a handy visual for you of the optimum bedside table but I’m also discussing cheaper ways to achieve this look!

First, get yourself a good lamp! The one above is pretty but comes at a heavy price. However, I have found similar lamps of good quality at places like Ross or TJMaxx. What matters the most is the bulb that you use and the lamp shade that comes with it. You want a dim glow, not office lighting.

Second, you need a good fragrance to settle down with. Candles are my best friend. Ok, not really but they are absolutely my go-to decoration and mood relaxer. The one pictured here is by Diptyque. It is very attractive but the price tag is not. I opt for a small votive candle like this one (preferably in a cream or white color to get the Diptyque look) that can be placed in a small frosted votive holder. You’ll get the same look but for a lot less.

Third, body lotion or hand cream is a great little thing to keep handy. We keep it in our bags, cars, lockers, whatever it may be, we all have it. As much as I love Philosophy products, I can’t afford to spend $20 on them. However, $10 or less is a little more doable. I found a company (Nubian Heritage) who sells lotion made from natural elements and ancient healing remedies. And like the Vanilla Coconut lotion pictured above- Nubian has a Coconut Papaya with vanilla extract lotion! Your welcome.

Fourth, bedside reads and a notebook are great for those nights you can’t sleep (plus they look pretty!) Vogue is self explanatory; lovely pictures makes me feel happy! A book about Chanel or whoever your style inspiration is can also be a nice thing to flip through. But a notebook like the Kate Spade one above is a must to write down those amazing ideas you come up with at 2am. I found a similar one for a lot less at good ol’ Target.

Fifth, a ring/jewelry holder is a nice accessory to add when you don’t want your kitty cat knocking earrings off the table in the middle of the night. Plus, they look classy! Pictured above is a Kate Spade design (I can’t get enough of her) but it’s also about $40. Here’s a cute and classy one from Lenox that retails for much less!

Sixth, a framed photograph of a memory adds a personal touch to your space. I usually find great frames at Michael’s but even they can be pricey. Burnes of Boston makes a really elegant one for only $13! Hint: black and white photos look best!

Finally, flowers add life to any room and the promise of a new day. I love buying fresh flowers but that can be costly given that they die after a week in the vase. Fake ones are great if they look real (and you don’t let them get dusty). You have two options here: 1. Shop Etsy to find a really great piece and not spend a fortune and 2. Make your own floral arrangement by copying one you see online. Check Michael’s craft store for the best variety!

Did I leave anything out? What’s on your bedside table? Comment below and share with friends! Thanks for reading!


For a Restful Night…

For a Restful Night
I am a terrible sleeper and have been since I was a baby! Last night I was having the worst time sleeping. Tossing and turning for hours on end is just not how I want to spend my sleeping hours. For those of you who are like me I’ve come up with a short list of things that might help create a mind set and space that allows you to hit the sheets with less struggle.
1. Comfy Pjs are a must for a decent sleep. I can’t stand wearing anything that might get twisted around me or pulling at me. I wear short shorts and a soft t- shirt to bed. I’d sleep in my underwear but all I can think of is a fire in the middle of the night and not being able to find my pants!
2. Sleep mist from Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite things! I get the vanilla and lavender scent and spray it on my pillow at night. Aromatherapy really helps some people relax!
3. A down comforter is probably the best bed spread I’ve ever had. I found mine at Marshall’s for $39 in a really pretty ivory/white color. For some people, this might be a little too heavy. Find a comforter in a light color and fabric if down feathers are too warm for you.
4. A pillow can make or break your sleep. I’ve found the square pillows are the best shape for me because I like to sleep on the edge of the pillow for prime breathing space. I can’t stand anything in front of my mouth or nose!
5. Sleeping masks aren’t for everyone but I personally like them if the street lights (or even the moon) is a little too bright for me. On a red eye flight from Los Angeles to DC the flight attendants passed out sleeping masks and ear plugs. I woke up feeling pretty good for someone who had to sleep sitting up.
6. Electric fans have been a God send for my family. We live in the woods and little creatures make freaky noises at night so we sleep with fans on. It acts as a white noise to block out anything that might distract me from the mission of going to sleep and staying asleep.
7. Most nights I like to have a bowl of cereal (usually Cheerios) and milk. For some reason, milk has ingredients that calm and induce sleep. Since I can’t digest milk without the help of something else, I add Cheerios to my night time snack!
What do you all do to help you sleep? Leave a comment below and share with your Facebook buddies!