Long Weekend Style

I hope you all enjoyed your extra day off yesterday (for those of you who are in the States!) I certainly took advantage of the three-day weekend and all the sales that were going on. I ended up scoring a Lauren Conrad dress from her fall collection for $12, Lauren Conrad jeans for $20, and a Cynthia Rowley maxi skirt for $16. The sales are the best part of the festivities that typically go on during Memorial Day weekend. Here’s a little look into my weekend!


I spent Memorial Day on the beach with my parents and got a lovely sunburn on my left shoulder. Bring on the Aloe!



For our little local beach, there was quite the turnout of beach goers. It was hilarious to watch the kids get in the water, which was freezing, and splash each other, freak out of something touched their foot, or get sand in their pants.


Flip flops in the sand are the best thing in the world to me. I usually buy white or gray sandals because they go with everything. I think these ones are from Payless.


For the beach I sported this shorts and tank top combo from Old Navy. I got the shorts last October for $1.47! Shop summer clothes for the next year starting in mid-August when retailers are really trying to get rid of warm-weather clothes so they have room for the back-to-school stuff.


My jeans are from Lucky Brand and my top is Old Navy, both of which I shopped for in the off season and got amazing deals on.


My dear friend, Abbey, gave these gorgeous earrings to me and I have no idea where they’re from. I love wearing them with other bold colors like the yellow top I’m wearing.

This long weekend was so desperately needed. I’m thrilled that I got to spend so much time just relaxing and doing nothing. I hope we get through this week without too much pain. No guarantees though. Enjoy you’re Tuesday!


Beachin’ on Memorial Day


On this lovely Memorial Day I’m headed to the beach with family for a day in the sun and enjoying each other’s company. Packing a good ol’ baseball cap, lemonade, sunnies, and sporting the cutest bikini I can find! Also, sun screen and lots of it. I already got my annual sunburn a few weeks back so I think I’m good for now. My poor baby sister, Rebecca, just got back from a canoeing trip in West Virginia and her group got sun burned, so this kid can’t go another day without some aloe and sun screen!

What else is in my beach bag? Ear buds, Vogue, fruit to munch on, bug spray (ugh mosquitos!) and a Vera Bradley beach towel. Days like this, sunny and 75 degrees, are what I live for. It’s the kind of weather where you either want to own a Jeep so you can take the doors and roof off or you want a sporty convertible. Both sound wonderful at the moment.

As always, Memorial Day holds a lot more meaning than just a BBQ and a 3 day weekend. For some people, this is a day of mourning someone they lost to war. It’s a day to remember those that paid the ultimate price for freedom. We celebrate today in their honor, knowing that while we enjoy our outdoor activities, someone didn’t return home in order that we may do so. Remember the sacrifice and celebrate the freedom.


Losing the Christmas Cookie Weight

Coffee and this blog is how I like to start every morning! Writing for you is something I enjoy immensely. As I promised yesterday, I’m sharing with you my weight loss tips. When I started college I was around 150 lbs. By the time I finished my freshman year, I weighed 165 lbs. Yes, I gained the freshmen fifteen! In order to get this weight off I had to make some lifestyle changes. One change was what I ate and how much.


I lost about 20 lbs by doing the Slim-Fast diet and I’m here to try it again starting today. I went to Target and found the necessary items I needed to start this diet (my favorites to the left). The plan works like this: 3 snacks (fruit or snack bar), 2 protein shakes, and 1 healthy meal per day. Ultimately, you’ll be eating roughly 1300 calories a day. In order to maintain your weight (assuming you don’t eat a whole pizza and box of Twinkies everyday) you need to eat 2000 calories. To lose 2lbs a week, you need to eat less than 1500 calories. I always try to maximize how much weight and fat I can burn a week, Based on my current weight, BMI, and height, 1300 calories per day is what I should be taking in. The Slim-Fast diet is the best diet I’ve found to accomplish my goals.

What’s in the meals you ask? Well, that really depends on what you enjoy eating. Slim-Fast recommends it be less than 500 calories and include healthy choices (aka no fettucini alfredo). They have a list of healthy recipes you can choose from on their website. I’m looking forward to trying the chipotle turkey and black bean chili. I love Tex Mex style foods. I also found one that’s low-cal and tasty called the tex-mex couscous salad. I love anything that has couscous or basmati rice in it! There are so many things you can make that are low in fat and calories but still taste good.

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavor! It also shouldn’t mean missing out on the things you love. Here’s my biggest tip for being successful on a diet: Eat what you love on special occasions. If you’re going out to eat with the girls Saturday night, then enjoy the pasta carbonara and chocolate cake! Little cheats like this will make the rest of your diet a success because you are still getting tastes of what you love. When you deprive yourself completely it sets the diet up to fail because you’ll be cheating all the time. Eventually, this cheating adds up! On a personal note, I much rather have a dessert at a restaurant than a candy bar or bowl of ice cream at home. I rarely buy sweets for the house but when I go out, I get something decadent.

Looking fabulous is so worth the little calories cuts I have to make. Bikini season is just around the corner and I plan on spending a lot of time in the sun this summer. Losing a dress size is the best feeling in the world! Not feeling like a beached whale when you take off your beach cover-up is even better.


Picnic on the Beach: Summer isn’t Over!

Picnic on the Beach

There’s a few more weeks of summer left and I’m making the most of them! Picnics on the beach are where it’s at! For some of you it may be a little chilly to sport that bikini which is why I’m opting for a great transition outfit like the one above!

Wondering what to pack for a summer-fall picnic? I’ve got your list right here:

1. Seasonal fruit– think apples, pears, cranberries, and figs

2. Chicken salad sandwiches– add some cut up grapes and tiny chunks of apple and you’ve got a great sandwich there!

3. Orange infused water- Beautiful and loaded with Vitamin C for the coming virus season

4. Cheese and crackers– Pepperidge Farm makes a box with a variety of yummy crackers in it which will go great with assorted cheeses like gouda or muenster

5. Caramel corn– Buy it at the grocery store or make your own. It’s a perfect dessert for the beach because it doesn’t require anything extra to be brought with it!

Are you having a picnic for family and friends? Check out this awesome article on planning the perfect Autumn picnic!

Comment below with any suggestions you have! Share with your friends!


Lifestyle Update and Virginia Beach Getaway

I know I’ve been missing in action lately. With school starting and the other endless things I have to do I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties. I’m sorry! Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to the last few days!

laying_on_the_beachI spent a lovely afternoon at the beach enjoying the last bits of summer. The water is finally warm enough to swim in! Our summer has been so mild compared to the years before this. I went in the water waist deep and ignored the urge to run back to shore in case of sharks or other large fish. After watching shark week I haven’t felt the same about the water. Either way, I went in and soaked up the sun and surf… which repeatedly knocked me to the ground. I have sand in places that I will never get out. *Shudders*

Anyway, I took the obligatory beach “selfie” before I rubbed greasybeach_selfie sun screen all over my face. That stuff smells divine but gosh it clogs your pores! I guess the exfoliant of the sand and salt in the water does a decent job at ridding my skin of impurities. At least, it’s a cheap body scrub.

Later that night, I went exploring on the beach front. There’s a statue of King Neptune on the boardwalk that everyone takes pictures in front of. Even though I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for part of my undergrad, I still king_neptune_statuehad to take a dumb picture of it. It’s pretty neat actually. I’ve always enjoyed living in a tourist town. There’s always someone new around and plenty of people to talk to. VA Beach is also a big military hub. If you’re into single guys, then this is the place for you. Quite a few single sailors roam the beach on a Friday night!

A favorite place of mine on the boardwalk is a place called Catch 31 at the Hilton hotel. Easily one of the most relaxed and romantic settings for a restaurant I’ve ever seen. Outdoor and indoor seating is available but I recommend outdoor because there are several large fire pits to eat around next to palm trees with little lights catch_31_virginia_beachwrapped around them. A funny story I have about this place is going to their rooftop bar when I was only 19. I was with a group of about 35 people who were all over 21. I got there and they said the only way I could be in there is if I stayed in the “VIP” section. I happily agreed until I realized that area was sectioned off by ropes and I couldn’t leave… and there was no one in the “VIP” section. Needless to say I left after about 15 minutes.

virginia_beach_boardwalkThursday morning I woke up to a beautiful beach outside my hotel room. I sat outside on my balcony for awhile flipping through my Instagram feed and then checking the weather. I’ve never seen so many people actively running on the beach. I guess if you live near a beach you should probably use it for something other than tanning. The view is always great too. Many ships- naval and civilian- come in and out of Norfolk. I could see a huge aircraft carrier on the horizon coming back to port and several fishing boats cruising along as well.

After getting dressed for the day I wandered downstairs to the outdoor patio to have breakfast and a drink. I ordered French toast with lots of butter and syrup and a Mimosa to start the day off right. There’s something so wonderful about brunch. Themimosas_at_noon variety of food that’s appropriate to eat is just so much more exciting than any other time of the day. That Mimosa though, I’m still happy thinking about it. Not too much champagne and just enough orange juice to make me think I was the healthiest person on the patio- actually I was the only person. The off-season is so quiet.

After brunch I made my way over to my university to check in with some friends and revisit some old memories. Every time I get on campus it feels like I’m walking on hollowed ground. Many things happened there that even on my death bed will give me a laugh.

I sat and talked with two of my very good friends, Bethany and Liz, about all regent_university that’s going on in life. We had so many good laughs. Girl time is so necessary! These ladies have some funny stories. I needed to laugh. One of the girls shared the funniest story about one of the worst dates she’s ever been on. Apparently, she had worn heels on the date and the guy asked her if she always walked with a limp or is it just because of the shoes she was wearing. I smacked my head against the table laughing so hard. Who honestly asks those questions on a first date? I haven’t met anyone so far! If you have funny first date stories please share them in the comments section. They just crack me up!

I ended the day with a little shopping in Williamsburg and ended up scoring a Banana Republic dress for my mom and a shirt from Lucky Brand for my sister. I went into a few of my favorite stores (J. Crew, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren etc.) and shopped around a bit but didn’t find anything worth the price on the price tag.

I drove home and said good bye to my school assuming the next time I’ll see it is at graduation in the spring. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an online student. It’s cheaper and I get to travel and work in really cool places. I love this lifestyle!

Share your thoughts below!