$18 Beach Bag Style

summer beach bagHappy hump day everyone! The first two days to every week are the hardest but once Wednesday hits- boom! It gets just a little bit better. Weekend plans start to form and all of the sudden that coffee isn’t having the same effect that it was before. My latte of choice is always skinny vanilla with a dash of cinnamon. By the end of the week, black coffee looks very tempting instead!

I wanted to share with you my favorite new beach bag before the summer is over! I found this adorable bag at a boutique in Dallas called Riff Raff. The beach bag is easy to clean and has a convenient little pocket inside for things like your phone and keys! Best of all, this sparkly bag was only $18!

what to bring to the pool

Relaxing by the pool at the end of every day has become my favorite activity recently. Life is stressful and sometimes working out in the gym doesn’t calm me down like I want it to. Sitting poolside with some flavored water and a good book seems to do the trick though. Plus, did you see my adorable beach towel in the first picture? It’s the 1972 New Yorker magazine cover! That magazine cover is iconic and I was so excited to find this beach towel for $12 at TJ Maxx!

altard state summerFinally, let’s talk about this beach cover up! I wore it in a post about my trip down to Austin a month ago but I’m still obsessed with it (see post here)! It was around $20 and works really well if you have somewhere to go after your day in the water. Shocking, it goes great with my pretty beach bag too! Check out Riff Raff  for more fun things!


Versatile Beach Coverups

street style texas

Happy hump day! Thankful that we’re halfway through the week and that I’m getting to explore new parts of Dallas. Last weekend, I made my way down to Austin with one of my besties. We swam in the Barton Springs pool, a naturally cool spring that’s home to an endangered salamander. If you want to see the pool, take a look at my Instagram! After the cool springs, we made our way to a Tex-Mex place for some chips and very spicy salsa! Did I mention how much I love this state?

naturally highlight hair

In addition to the great food, I’m loving the wonderful sunshine! I love hot weather and sunny days not only for my mood, but also my hair! I’ve never been one to highlight or dye my hair because I want it to stay healthy for as long as possible. The sun has been my best friend in creating natural highlights!

wall murals austin

Besides my hair, I figure we should talk about my outfit! This darling dress doubles as a great sundress! I wore it to the pool and then to lunch right after. My boyfriend’s mom got it for me when we went out shopping one day and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s from a boutique called Altar’d State

altard state dress

day to night style

Austin Texas music scene

Upon leaving lunch, we went downtown and explored a bit. We came across this beautiful wall mural near Congress Avenue. Being girls always in search of the perfect place for a selfie, we couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos. For me, street art is either really strange or really pretty like this particular one. The blooming cactus is so vibrant and makes the street come alive! I certainly enjoyed visiting Austin but Dallas is quickly becoming my home.


Spring Break Basics

Spring Break Basics


Happy Friday beauties! I hope some of my college followers are gearing up for spring break this year! When I was in college, I never really did spring break other than going skiing once on a very cold day in February with a few friends. Miami was not on the radar for this girl! Although I’m glad I missed out on the inevitable hangovers and casual “encounters” with the opposite gender that are synonymous with this annual event, I can’t help but think that I missed a few fun beach days with friends. If I could do it all over again, here’s what would be on my list of things to get for my spring break!

  1. Casual Romper- They’re perfect beach cover ups and can still be worn in the evening. Find one in navy blue that will go from day to night even if you’re wearing your bikini from earlier in the day!
  2. Water Bottle- The beach gets hot and so does the pool. Stay hydrated and back away from anything that will make you bloat (aka alcohol or soda.)
  3. Turkish Towel- Light weight and easy to fold up without much bulk. Plus, they’re really soft! It can stay in that beach bag you’ll inevitably tote around all day.
  4. Jack Rogers- Splurge on a pair of Jack Rogers sandals (or look-a-likes) for your spring break. Check eBay for pre-worn Jacks for less! Go with a neutral color so it will match more and you won’t have to take so many pairs of shoes in your luggage!
  5. Portable Charger- Everyone’s iPhone will lose battery power by the end of the day. Bring a charger to power up before you go out to dinner.
  6. Beach Bag- Find one with a summery print or woven style. Make sure it’s light weight to lug around all day. Most importantly, be sure it’s cute!
  7. Spring Nail Polish- Find a great color to wear during your spring break! I love the light green Essie polish featured above because it’s neutral enough to go with most everything but it still stands out!

Leave a comment with a spring break basic!

witty n pretty

Last Taste of Summer (and what to do with it)

Last Taste of Summer

August is flying by for me and frankly, I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures! I’m going to contradict myself with what I’m about to tell you but I think it needs to be said while it’s still so humid outside. Here it is: Don’t wish away the summer! Don’t wish away the smell of sunscreen or the drippy ice cream cones. Enjoy the season for suntans, flip flops, sandy feet, and BBQs! I love this time of the year even though half way through it I’m ready for fall.

These last few weeks of summer should be savored! If you don’t want to “savor”, stock up on summertime items for next year. Most stores are getting rid of their warmer-weather inventory and it should be on clearance. Swimsuits are all marked down right now and so are beach towels and sunscreen! I was in Kohl’s the other day and combed through a few of the clearance racks for things I had been wanting from earlier in the season. I found a Lauren Conrad ombre maxi dress for $11! I felt like such a winner.

I’d love to know what you all are up to for the rest of the month! Leave me a comment!


Summer Lovin’


Happy June 1st! Summer is officially upon us and I couldn’t be happier. My only complaint is that the heat is already kicking in and there’s nothing I can do about it. However, I’m really looking forward to beach trips, BBQs, suntanning, blonde streaks in my hair, and lots of ice cream.


Over the weekend, I enjoyed lounging by the pool tanning! I brought with me 30 SPF sunscreen, flavored water, sunnies, and a few old fashion magazines. I’m flipping through the magazines and cutting out little things from their ads or whatever I find that inspires me. Things like a certain font type used, color scheme, item, or style is fair game. After I’ve gone through a few more, I’ll be posting them onto a bulletin board I have in my room and feeding off that inspiration as I work with a graphic designer on my blog redesign! I’m so excited about the next steps in this process.

Throughout my whole blogging adventure, I’ve learned so much. One of the things I learned was a quote from someone, I don’t remember who, but it basically said “She designed a life she loved.” That’s what I’ve been doing with this blog and other things in my life. I’m taking full responsibility of my dreams and making them happen. Look for more updates and hints in the near future!