Studded Sandals for Summer

Happy hump day pretty gal! I’m so excited that flip flop season is starting and I now have a reason to get a pedicure every once in awhile! Last week, I treated myself to one so I could show off my adorable new sandals I got for this summer. Obviously, I chose an obnoxiously bright color for my nails. You’re only young once, right?
valentino dupesI found these Valentino dupes at DSW two weeks ago and have been waiting for warmer weather to wear them. Earlier this year, I did a blog post on the stiletto version of these shoes and everyone seemed to like them! Today, I thought I’d share with you my fabulous find because I’m so proud of myself for getting them on clearance. The BCBGeneration Glorina Flat (link here!) is a great dupe for the Valentino Rockstud shoe. Online, this sandal is $49, but I found mine in-store on the clearance rack for $29! I was surprised at how comfy they were given that it has very little padding and let’s be real, it’s just a sandal. The color is perfect too because it goes with everything! If you have limited funds to invest in shoes, I always opt for a neutral color so I can wear it with more outfits.Leave me a comment with your favorite summer sandal!


Valentino “Rockstud” Dupe

Valentino Rockstud Dupe

Good morning lovelies! Today, I wanted to share with you a great find from DSW! The famous Valentino “Rockstud” heels are all over the blogging and fashion world for obvious reasons. Hello, they’re gorgeous! However, these beauties go for between $900 and $1200 a pair. Given mine and the average person’s budget, we would rather put that money towards normal things like paying down student loans or even the credit card. Rest assured, there is a marvelous dupe on the market of these gorgeous heels (and for much less).

You’ve Been Duped

BCBGeneration came out with a beautiful pair of “Rockstud” heels to compete with the Valentino pair. The best part is that DSW has them for about $70 and they come in several colors! The base color of the shoe is nude with gold studs but you can choose from red, pink, navy blue, black, white, and you guessed it, nude, as your accent color. Personally, I’d be going after those red ones because I have a collection of nude heels to rival Kate Middleton’s!

Knowing your budget and not exceeding it is so important for the money-conscious individual. Most of my favorite fashion bloggers have worn and promoted the Valentino version and make it seem like a “staple” in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a great shoe but far from a staple. Remembering that these ladies are making money from doing promoted posts and getting free shoes at the same time allows me to realize that not having $1000 shoes in my closet is ok and, gasp, normal.┬áSure, I’d love to have them! We all would. However, until the time comes when I can safely afford them and not have to worry about paying them off, I’ll settle for the BCBG version. Frankly, I’m ok with that because I’m #blessed already.

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