Home Tour: Christmas Decoration Edition

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is how my mom decorates our house. She really makes it feel like a rustic, colonial Christmas from ages ago. When I was away at college, I always looked forward to coming home because it always looked so pretty and smelled like cinnamon and baked goods.

This year, mom added a few decorations and retired a few old ones that were falling apart. Both of us have a thing for adding a lot of greenery around the house during the cold, bleak winter months. I love putting garland over the kitchen cabinets and doors to add color to space. We wrap lights around the garland for an added pretty effect!

In my own bedroom, I bought some red flannel sheets from Target to warm up the otherwise cool color palette. I also went online and ordered the 2014 Inslee Haynes calendar so I could frame each month’s picture. So far, I’ve hung four pictures on my wall and they look beautiful!

A little fun fact about my growing up years; every Christmas my mom or grandma would get me a Hallmark Keepsake ornament usually themed around something that interested me that year. I’ve picked a few of my favorites to share with you! The little kitchen set ornament was from last year. I had been trying to learn to cook! The Barbie dream house was from my early years when I was obsessed with dressing up Barbie and Ken. The Edward and Bella ornament was from my high school years. Seriously, I couldn’t get enough of the Cullen clan. Finally, the American Girl Felicity ornament was from my grade school years. I read American Girl Doll books like it was nobody’s business. Each of these ornaments holds a special memory, one that will be passed down for many generations!