Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Bar Cart Styling

bridal shower bar cart

Hey lovelies! I’m super excited to FINALLY be sharing my new bar cart with you all! I had posted a poll on Instagram about a month ago asking if I should get a bar cart or bench for our little breakfast area off the kitchen and it was pretty 50/50! So I went with this super cute gold bar cart from Target that was on sale for $75! Can’t beat that! Here’s the link if you’ve been wanting one!

bachelorette cups

fake peonies

sparkling rose wine

black cat on bar cart

My little acrobat, Binx, decided she wanted to be in the photos and help with the styling of my bar cart! She’s a character! After I came home from Denver, I had a ton of really cute items left from the party that I thought would look cute on a bar cart.

You can find the “Bride to Be” sign here and the “Last Fling Before the Ring” cups here! These were the cutest and made for good pictures! Now they look adorable sitting on my little cart.

When I was styling everything on here, it was so hard to figure out what should go where. I think the key to good bar cart style is having a mix of heights and textures present. I used a variety of accessories that would give it some visual interest like the flowers placed on the floor (which were $2.50 each at Target from their Opal House collection!!!) I also used some coffee table books on the bottom shelf to add height to the little topiary. I’m honestly really thrilled by how it came out! I’m definitely going to have fun styling it for each season. I think David would rather just keep wine on it but I’m the decorator in the house so we’re going to have to compromise there haha!



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My Bachelorette Party Details!

bachelorette party clocktower denver

Oh my goodness you guys. My bachelorette party was so much fun! I went with the best girls and we had a blast. It was also so tiring! I think we walked 17,000 steps in one day. My feet are still recovering. We did everything from a baseball game to hiking the Flatirons in Boulder!

Thursday Ghost Tour

Everyone flew in on Thursday and my Maid of Honor, Jessica, set up the Airbnb and party space for the weekend (she did an amazing job by the way!) She had super fun balloons, confetti, photo props a freaking PINATA, and tons of snacks to munch on at 2am.

That evening we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant downtown followed by an awesome bar hop ghost tour around Denver. We met up at an Irish pub that used to be part of a huge network of, ahem, brothels. Apparently Denver was founded on booze and prostitution based on the history I learned. After that, we went to a few other places, and no Mom, I didn’t drink at each one! We ended at Union Station where our tour guide pulled back a rug on the floor to reveal a grate that you could see through. He shown a flash through it and there was a dusty old chair sitting on the floor below us. Its illegal to remove the chair because city officials are concerned there’s a spirit of a child attached to it. So there it sits. FREAKY!

Friday Hiking

So note-to-self: hiking in Denver means something totally different than in Texas. We booked a hiking excursion to Boulder, CO in the Flatirons. First of all, it’s gorgeous up there! I could have stayed. But a hike TO the Flatirons is harder than I would have thought. We went on a 4 hour, mostly uphill hike. It was 3.5 miles long. It was the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done!

hiking in flatirons

My cousin skipped out on this little adventure so Jessica, Laila, Erica and I braved the trail with our tour group. It was absolutely beautiful up there. The air smelled amazing and we even saw a chipmunk! Darn those things are cute! We got back down the mountain slowly but surely. We’ve never been so sore! We were all covered in dirt and couldn’t get in the shower fast enough when we got back to our Airbnb.

That evening we went to a winery that was fantastic and had the best cheese board and wine flights. I discovered that both my cousin and I are passionate about cheese. Must run in the family. We also went to a Colorado Rockies game! I was so proud I resisted the temptation to eat all of the ballpark food ever!

Saturday Celebration

Saturday we went and toured the Hammonds Candy Factory and it smelled amazing! Like wow. Sugar in the air! After that we started prepping for the evening’s festivities.

We went to the Ella Bliss Beauty Bar and were pampered with the best pedicures ever and lots of rose (courtesy of my cousin!) I honestly could have stayed there all day. Highly recommend if you’re ever in Denver! After pedicures, we went downtown to 16th Street Mall for some shopping and dinner before heading back to the Airbnb to begin our night around town!

We seriously had so much fun and I can’t thank my friends enough for coming! And no, I will not be hiking again for awhile. Haha!