Styling a Floppy Hat

styling floppy hat

Happy Monday! I can’t believe how chilly it’s starting to get! Last week it was in the 60s and this morning it’s 40 degrees. Dressing for this weather can be really difficult. I’ve been sitting around the house applying for jobs in sweat pants and hoodies, so I haven’t had the dressing and layering issues you guys have had. Sipping coffee all day and job hunting isn’t something you need to dress up for!

How to Wear a Floppy Hat

Despite my sweat pant wearing days, I do like to have a little pep in my step when I go out! Sitting at home all day is probably the worst thing you can do for your mood. I have a closet full of pretty things to wear and am determined to wear them. One of the things that has been sitting on my shelf and tempting my cat to sit on is this great felt floppy hat. I bought it back in October and hadn’t worn it once! It has sat there for weeks and on more than one occasion my kitty, Puddin’, has tried to make a little bed on top of it. I finally decided to pull it out and wear it!

how to wear floppy hats

Styling it was harder than I thought. They’ve been in all the stores and fashion blogs so I assumed I could wear it with anything. After trying it on with several different outfits, I settled on a simple pair of jeans, tank top, sweater, and boots. How basic, right? Whatever, fall is the best season for basic girls like me, so I’m going to own it!

lucky brand review

Like I said, there are many stores selling these hats but I found this one at Old Navy. I’ve seen similar ones in Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, and a few other department stores. It’s one of those items that will probably only be popular this season, therefore I wouldn’t invest much money in one. Here’s a link to felt floppy hats under $25.

Steve madden boots

The rest of my outfit was simple. My jeans are from Lucky Brand, which I highly recommend! I’ve worn quite a few pairs of jeans in my day, but this brand is the most comfortable and long lasting. They are expensive if you don’t shop their clearance section often. I bought this pair (the Brooke Skinny in size 8) for $32! (Read my Golden Rules for Shopping). They’re a great jean to tuck into boots like these ones from Steve Madden. They were another bargain find from long ago!

J Crew statement necklace

Last but not least, the outfit was pulled together with a pretty statement necklace from J Crew and this faux fur sweater from Hollister. Yes, I still buy a thing or two from this high school haven as long as there aren’t seagulls all over it.

How do you usually wear a hat? Leave me a comment and follow me on Instagram!

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Unique Ways to Wear Cardigans

how to wear cardigans

I am a sucker for classic wardrobe pieces. At least 3 little black dresses hang in my closet and I have numerous tubes of red lipstick. The one piece I wish I had more of though is a cardigan. They’re so versatile and look great on everyone. I relied very heavily on mine when I worked in an office because it was the one thing that kept me warm! Because they go with everything, I got creative with how I wore them.

How to Wear a Cardigan

Just because cardigans are a classic doesn’t mean you can’t update them! The first way to wear it is with a great pair of utility pants. They’re very on-trend this season and you can find them in a large range of prices. The ones pictured above are on clearance at J Crew Factory! They also come in red!

The second way to wear them is with a classic pencil skirt. Revolutionary? Not really, but it looks professional and put-together for the office. With a simple look like this, I like to add a big statement necklace to give the outfit some character and excitement. This pencil skirt is on sale for $19.99!

Finally, another great outfit is pairing a cardigan with pull-on pants. I’m not sure where the trendiness of these pants started, but they’re relaxed through the hip and thigh while tapered at the ankle. Adding a classic touch to these modern pants pulls the outfit together.

You can find these fabulous cardigans on clearance at J Crew Factory for $24.99! The quality is really great and you can get a lot of use out of them year-round. Consider investing in one especially for the holiday season approaching.

Comment with your favorite classic piece and suggestions on how to wear it! Have a lovely day!

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5 Ways to Love November

celebrate thanksgiving

Today’s post is all about celebrating the last bits of fall and enjoying November! I feel like we jump from Halloween to Christmas too fast and don’t get to relish in the forgotten but equally important month of November. For whatever reason, we lump Thanksgiving and Christmas into one big event! The stores are stocking Christmas trees already, Hallmark channel is playing their cheesy Christmas movies, and I’ve seen more than one eggnog latte being sold. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving gets a little shelf filled with silly looking pilgrims and a turkey. In the spirit of enjoying this month, here’s 5 things to put on your to-do list.

How to Enjoy November

  1. Take a walk- It’s amazing how very little people get to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re going to walk down a city sidewalk or a country road, go feel the crisp air and smell the freshness of it.
  2. Bake a legit pie- Not a frozen one or anything that says “Marie Calendar’s,” a real one that you baked yourself from scratch.
  3. Plan your Thanksgiving table- Whether you have a big crew coming or it’s you and your cat, bring out the linens that need pressing and the china you only use once a year.
  4. Buy fresh pumpkins- The ones you carved for Halloween are probably a little soggy and rotten. There are plenty left to choose from at your local farmer’s market though! Create the perfect front door display for Thanksgiving!
  5. Create a leaf garland- A Pinterest DIY that’s sure to be more difficult than it looks, but give it a shot anyway! You get points for creativity at least.

Share with me what you might add to this list with a comment below! Follow me on Twitter to find out what sweet thing my mom left for me as a welcome home present! Is it annoying if I say #blessed?

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Military Style Under $50

Military Style Under $50

Has anyone else noticed how popular the military style has been for fall? Between the utility vests and general olive drab color scheme going on, I can’t help but think the military and fashion designers are in cahoots with each other. Not only do our men (and women) in the Armed Forces wear it, so do our models and celebrities. Talk about an equalizer! In all seriousness though, I really like this trend and am jumping on board with it.

My complexion has been said to have olive undertones in it (although my mom will debate you on that) so the olive drab color palette works well on me. It might not be the most exciting color in the world, but it’s a great neutral! After browsing many stores to find good deals on these trending items, I had no luck! I turned to Polyvore to see what other people might have found for under $50. I’m pleased to say that I found a few great pieces to share with you! You’ll find everything linked below!

Green maxi dress / Sleeve shift dress / Lipsy long shirt dress / LE3NO sherpa lined jacket / Abercrombie Fitch military trousers

If you like what you see, then leave me a comment! I’d love to hear about your fab finds too! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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Easy Halloween Checklist

Halloween Checklist

Halloween is this coming Saturday night and I’m so excited about it. However, I have to ask myself where did autumn go? One minute I’m hounding the Starbucks baristas about when the PSL will be available and the next minute someone else is asking about gingerbread latte season. I walked into Target today (surprise, surprise) and all the fall stuff was on clearance and employees were unpacking boxes of reindeer and LED Christmas lights. I’m a little bummed out honestly.

Anyway, since Halloween is like any other holiday that requires some preparation, I’ve created a little list to help get you through the day. By no means is it an exhaustive list (especially if you’re having a party) but there’s a few things on it that you might have forgotten. Add a comment with anything else you’d suggest!

  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Assorted pumpkins
  • Battery-operated lights for the pumpkins
  • Candy to hand out to the neighbor kids
  • Supplies for baking (sugar, sprinkles, butter etc.)
  • Costume
  • Accessories for costume (tail or ears, makeup, jewelry, shoes)
  • Fake spiderwebs to put over the bushes outside
  • Flashlights for trick-or-treating
  • Uber booked for pickup after parties

Enjoy what’s left of this season! I’ll be showing you my costume later this week if all goes according to plan. My Halloween plans include a masquerade ball at a haunted inn, here’s a peek at my costume! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for blog updates!

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