Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume

Easy Halloween Costume

For those of you who wait until the last minute to get things done (myself included), here’s a quick, easy Halloween costume you can create with things you probably already have! I love one of the first scenes in Breakfast At Tiffany’s when Holly Golightly is waking up to answer the door. Her outfit is simple: an oversized men’s oxford shirt, a sleeping mask, and purple earplugs.

Holly Golightly Costume

The oxford you probably have at home. If you can’t find an oversized one, a regular one you have hanging in your closet will work paired with dark leggings or tights. Somewhere in the depths of your jewelry box, you most likely have some purple earrings you can wear as your “earplugs.” The hardest thing to find might be that legendary sleeping mask of Holly’s. I found a few Etsy stores that sell them. If you’re short on time, go to a craft store and buy a regular plastic mask and paint it teal. Add some gold puffy paint around the edges and draw on eyelashes and eyebrows.

Holly’s Hair and Makeup

The up-do in this famous scene is a little difficult to recreate if you don’t know how to tease your hair. Here’s a tutorial I found that is similar to the hair Holly is sporting. In terms of makeup, this costume requires very little. Do your regular routine of foundation, primer, and powder then add pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Neutral eyeshadow is all you need, but bigger eyelashes will make your eyes pop. Use lots of mascara or some good fake eyelashes. Light pink lipstick completes the look!

You might see a lot of “Audrey Hepburns” walking around in her famous little black dress, but I guarantee you no one has thought to do this famous outfit. Enjoy!

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Channeling Our Inner Audrey

how_to_be_audrey_hepburnI’ve always been an Audrey Hepburn fan, and apparently so has Kim Kardashian, or so it appears. In a new ad for Hype energy drinks, Kim channels her inner Audrey Hepburn while riding a bicycle similar to the famous photos of Audrey on the set of “Sabrina”.

Quite honestly, I’m not a fan of this ad. Audrey is famous for her movies and Kim is famous for… “home” movies and her rather large bum. It was a good try on Kim’s part, but she has her own brand and it makes no sense for her to attempt a look that doesn’t line up with it. Maybe she should try for Madonna next time. It’s a little closer to her brand.

For those of us who aren’t know for our bums or anything else, we can try to recreate the adorable outfits Hepburn has been famously photographed in. Better yet, create your own classics. To do this, I’m buying black, white, and red. I’ve always believed that classic clothing is the best, most economical choice a woman can make. Having the basics in your closet is the one thing I recommend you spend a little extra on because they’ll last for many seasons. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the latest trends because you’re always in style anyway. I truly believe that “trendy is one step away from tacky.” Why do people recreate Audrey’s outfits? Because they’re still stylish and classy!

Red lipstick, fitted trousers, pearls, little black dresses, and so many other signature Audrey items are still up for grabs even now as staples for every woman’s wardrobe. Embrace them, just not in the way Kim did.


Classics Worth Wearing Again


If we were all being honest with ourselves, we might actually admit that people who incorporate at least one classic element into their outfit look substantially better than those who don’t. Classics are classics. They just are. When Hollywood was still glamorous and clothing was made for the woman to wear and not to wear her, everyone just looked incredible.

My number one classic piece that I love to wear (and would like to mainstream) is a hat. Not just any hat though, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s style hats. Sometimes rather big, but always elegant. This summer, I’ve been wearing a big black sunhat!

This brings me to my next classic: the French Twist. For whatever reason, the elegant up-do has been reserved for the elite and special occasions. I’m willing to bet if Kate Middleton started wearing her long locks in this style, it would be reborn as a go-to hairstyle.

Being a tall girl, I’ve learned what size heel is reasonable for me to wear and I always go back to the kitten heel. Forget stilettos, I can barely walk in those anyway! This heel is about 1″ thick and super easy to walk in while reducing the stress on your feet. No more ballet flats in your purse girls!

Bringing us back to the 1950s, I’d really love to see “house dresses” make a come back! These super cute dresses were made for the average house wife who had to run errands and keep up with her home. Usually they buttoned up the front and hit just below the knee. I have a peach one from Ralph Lauren and it just looks adorable. There’s nothing better than looking cute while getting things checked off your to-do list.

Finally, I’d love to see furs come back into style. No, not actual animal fur, I don’t want to kill any little creatures just to look good. However, the look of the fur can remain the same. I remember walking into my grandma’s closet and trying on some of her heirloom furs and seeing how classy they looked on me as a little girl.

What classics would you like to see come back in style? Leave me a comment!




Ranked: Best Chick Flicks

top_chick_flicksA friend of mine at work was showing me a list of the top 20 western films of all time according to another blogger. Not being the connoisseur of western movies that he and his other male counterparts are, I decided to try to win at their game by writing my own list of top chick flicks. You girls may want to add a few or even take away some, but if I had a 48 hour drive somewhere and I needed to kill time, I’d be packin’ heat with these lovelies.

Top 15 Chick Flicks

15. Letters to Juliet– It’s romantic, funny, and set in Italy. All the elements of a good girl movie.

14. Aquamarine– Flashback to my middle-early high school days! Seriously, the best Disney/Nickelodeon cast of teen girls ever.

13. The Notebook– I love Rachel McAdams and James Marsden is my man. You read that right, I didn’t swoon over Noah in the movie, I was in love with Lon. Sue me.

12. It’s Complicated– This movie is awkwardly hilarious. I was stuck on a plane coming back from Orlando and this was the only movie that I could get in while up in there. Is it weird that I love this movie only because she’s an amazing baker and Steve Martin is in it?

11. The Devil Wears Prada– Meryl Streep is the epitome of #girlboss in this movie and her hair is on point. I love the little look inside the elusive fashion world we all sub-consciously wonder about.

10. Twilight– Edward Cullen *swoon*. I’m Team Edward. Deal with it.

9. Made of Honor– Patrick Dempsey is such a cutie and he really knocked it off the park with this rom-com.

8. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants– Such a classic for us girls! A story of best friends, exotic travels, and even more exotic men (if you’re Lena that is). What more could I ask for?

7. Clueless– This is a cult classic. It just is. Rich, unassuming girl spending daddy’s money and trying to do good in the world? How cute.

6. Mean Girls– Regina George. On Wednesdays, we Wear Pink. Everyone gets those references. Nuff’ said.

5. Cinderella– Not the 1950s Cindy, the new Lilly James version that came out this year. It struck a chord in me. I can’t get over how beautiful it was. Prince Charming was also just swoon-worthy. When Ella says that everyone is looking at him, he replies “Believe me, they’re all looking at you.” How sweet is that?

4. How to Marry a Millionaire– An old Marilyn Monroe movie that is as vain as it sounds. These ladies want to marry money and they’re having a hard time finding it. Story of my life. Oops, I shouldn’t say that.

3. The Princess Diaries– Most of us grew up wanting to be princesses and we were able to watch Anne Hathaway actually become one. Not to mention we rekindled our love of Julie Andrews. The woman never ages and always looks beautiful.

2. Legally Blonde– Elle Woods. Need I say more?

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s– My best friend would kill me if this weren’t at the top of my list. Audrey Hepburn is an icon and this movie is her legacy. A helpless girl who has a love affair with expensive things and the wrong guys, sounds like me for sure.

What did I miss? Let me know!


My Opinion on Lilly for Target

lilly_for_targetThe best news I’ve heard all week is Lilly Pulitzer for Target. For some, it was the worst news they had heard all week because it made the preppy brand too affordable. Herein lies the concept that many people simply don’t understand: money doesn’t buy class.

If anyone knows anything about Lilly Pulitzer clothing they know two things. First, the brand features bright colors and loud prints. Second, it is pricey. The typical people the brand caters to is the college-aged crowd of sorority girls and the upper-class ladies of the southeast. Considering the average price of a dress is around $200, we can safely say that the masses haven’t been able to wear Lilly’s clothing… until now. For some people, the Target collection will be the death of the brand and the classiness that’s associated with it. “Oh no! Girls without trust funds and daddy’s BMW will be able to wear Lilly? Say it isn’t so!” Excuse my sarcasm, but you get my drift. For whatever reason, people automatically assume that if you have money to buy expensive brands, then you’re classy. If you don’t, then you aren’t classy. Since when did money buy class?

Let me outline a few things that actually do equate to real classiness.

  • Kind, generous heart
  • Presentable appearance (clean face, styled hair, appropriate hemline, nose ring removed)
  • Good manners
  • Nice personality
  • Doesn’t drop the ‘F bomb’ every few sentences
  • Abides by the Golden Rule
  • Keeps secrets a secret
  • Confidence (not to be confused with cockiness)
  • Thankful spirit

By no means is this list all-inclusive, but I hope I’ve made my point. Being classy is just as much an inside thing as it is an outside thing. I place a lot of value on looking nice. No one wants to look at someone who just rolled out of bed. However, looking neat and clean doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Its the garments you choose and put together that will determine how you look. For example, I was in BCBG the other day and found a plunging v-neck, thigh-high hemline party dress for $130. At Express next door I found on sale a one-shoulder little black dress for $45. Guess which one looked classier?

audrey_hepburn_classyYour inner appearance should look just as great as the outside. You can wear Versace everyday and still be the trashiest person alive if your heart isn’t beautiful. Audrey Hepburn is a lovely example of inner and outer class. She dressed beautifully but spent her time (especially in her later years) helping others. Together, both aspects of who she was created her legacy. 

If you clicked on the link I highlighted in the first sentence of this post, then you’ll know why I had to write about this misunderstood topic. Whether you decide to wear the Lilly for Target line or not is up to you, but I for one am glad to see that this preppy, pretty brand values the average consumer and wants to see every girl looking put together and dare I say, classy?