finding the positive in your anxiety

3 Things I Actually Like About My Anxiety

finding the positive in your anxiety

Hey everyone! As I’m writing this, I have a lot of pent up anxiety and I’m trying to find a way to alleviate some of that, which is what inspired this post! Anxiety is such a negative word it seems, and rightfully so. No one with anxiety would come out and say it’s a really fun thing to deal with. However, in an effort to put a small positive spin on it, I came up with 3 things that I actually appreciate about my anxiety!

Being On Time For Everything

This is a big one for me! I have to leave 30 minutes early for everything no matter how close by it is because anxiety tells me I have to. So I am always, always on time or even early. Honestly, I kind of love that about myself. I think it shows that I respect other people’s time and value schedules and punctuality. My husband is so different from me when it comes to leaving early for things. He knows what time he needs to leave to get somewhere on time. This can be hard for me as I don’t understand how he isn’t riddled with anxiety trying to be somewhere on time. It’s strange how our minds work!

Ability to Plan Ahead for the Future

I love to plan ahead because it relieves my anxiety. Without a plan, I have a really hard time functioning and figuring out what I need to do next. So I plan very far in advance for just about everything! For example, I’m already planning for Christmas and Thanksgiving travel plans for this year. I’ve also given extensive thought as to my own funeral and how that should go (believe me, I have very specific requests for this!) This kind of thinking ahead gives me peace of mind that I have can have control over my life and my anxiety.

Anticipating Other People’s Needs

This is probably my favorite one! I enjoy and feel better when I can anticipate the needs of those around me. For example, when I’m working on a project, it’s great to be able to naturally anticipate what my boss is going to want to see and how he’ll react to certain things. I can anticipate those needs and preferences, which really helps me control the anxiety I may have around work and other parts of my life.

I encourage you to find something about your anxiety that you appreciate! If there’s nothing, that’s ok too! I had to think outside the box to find things I liked. It’s a really interesting exercise that forces you to think positively about your mental health condition!

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