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Untraditional: First Look with my Dad!


Hey everyone! Now that things have settled down a bit, I can share some wedding photos! I’m not going to share them all at once because there are SO MANY. But I’d love to start by sharing my first-look photos with my dad! They’re so incredibly wonderful! I honestly didn’t think my dad would have much of a reaction to seeing my in my wedding dress for the first time, but he was totally floored! I’ve never seen him so happy or excited!

first look with dad

first look with dad

This is definitely something I’d recommend other brides to with their dad or even grandad! Our photographer suggested it and staged the entire thing for us! She had me do all of my bridal photos and then hid me behind a pillar in front of the hotel. Then she brought my dad outside and had him turn around on the count of 3! I will never ever forget my dad’s smile. It was dynamite. So much happiness and joy on his face! He said “You and David have done this wedding up right and I couldn’t be more proud!” Those are words every kid hopes to hear from their dad, and on my wedding day, they were music to my ears!

first look with dad

walking down the aisle warwick melrose

I’ll be sharing more wedding photos with you all in the coming weeks! These first look photos have just been some of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to show them to you!

Shoutout to my photographers Luisa and Douglas from Luisa’s Secret Photography for doing such an amazing job!

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One thought on “Untraditional: First Look with my Dad!”

  1. I will never forget you and David’s wedding day. This wedding will be remembered and talked about by many people for a long time to come. Love you!!!!!!


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