nordstrom leith dress dupe

Nordstrom Leith Dress Dupe for Under $25!

nordstrom leith dress dupe

Hey everyone! In my search for spring style inspiration, I’d been seeing this ruched tank top dress everywhere! I finally did a little research to see where people were buying them- Nordstrom! I absolutely loved how simple and comfy it looked but what I didn’t love was the price – $45. Not bad for a dress, but made out of tee shirt material? Nah, I’m good. So I went on the hunt for a good dupe and I found one at Amazon for $21!

Pros: Looks identical to the Nordstrom dress and comes in multiple colors! Cons: Its definitely more of a body con dress and isn’t particularly stretchy. So I’m wearing a size medium (I’m a size 8) if you want a looser fit, I definitely recommend sizing up! This is one of those dresses I can only wear on my “skinny days”, which admittedly are few and far between. Any sort of belly bloat and this dress is probably going to show it. So like I said, size up!

Nordstrom Leith Dress | Amazon Dupe (affiliate links)


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