non traditional valentine's day date ideas

5 Things to do This Valentine’s Besides Going to a Restaurant

non traditional valentine's day date ideas

Every Valentine’s Day David and I wonder what we should do. Do we go out to eat and blow a lot of money on the pre-selected Valentine’s Dinner menu (which is always super expensive!) or do we stay in and pretend that there aren’t pink and red hearts everywhere? Decisions, decisions. While I still have no idea what we’ll be doing this year, I do have a few non-traditional Valentine’s Date ideas for you!

Go spend an evening with elderly

Have you ever seen an older man or woman sitting alone at a restaurant? I remember a story going viral of a man who was in a restaurant booth eating dinner next to a picture of his late wife. *Tears*. How sad! If you’re struggling to find something to do, visit a nursing or veteran’s home. Sit and chat with people, hear their incredible stories, and make their day brighter.

Go take care of animals

Ugh I can’t stand to see a sad animal! Even a bird! Take some time Valentine’s Day to volunteer at a shelter with your significant other and feed, cuddle, and love on some precious critters. They need to feel the love too!

Cook a meal together

Last Valentine’s Day, David cooked fettuccine Alfredo- the dish he made for our first date. I just love that man. It was nice to just share a meal and relax. Team up with your love and make a few dishes together! Settle in with a movie and enjoy each other’s company.

Go wine tasting

Yes, I know its February and cold. While vineyards may not be open, wineries sometimes are! When David and I lived in Kansas City, we were monthly members of Coopers Hawk Winery. Every month we’d get sent two bottle of wine and could go into their tasting room and do a wine tasting. It was always so much fun and learned a lot about how wine is made, where it comes from etc.

Spend the evening planning for the future

I love dreaming about the future with David. Sometimes when its warm outside, we sit on our back patio and just talk about things we want to do, what our plans are, and just enjoy each other’s company. Its so simple, but so great to do together!

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