garnish kitchen

Date Night Idea: Making Ravioli at Garnish Kitchen

garnish kitchen

Happy Hump Day friends! This summer has totally flown by! David and I have been so busy with work and planning our wedding that we rarely take time out for ourselves. BUT last week, David and I went out with several of his coworkers and their significant others to make ravioli from scratch at Garnish Kitchen! It was such a great night and we got to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. I was that annoying person taking photos of everything but I wanted to share it with all of you!

making ravioli

Garnish Kitchen’s chef and owner walked us through the delicate steps of making pasta dough and stretching it out to the perfect size for ravioli. There’s so much that goes into making pasta but its incredibly relaxing! They gave everyone a nice glass of wine and had Louis Armstrong playing in the background. It felt like I was a gourmet cook living in France! The whole experience was so special!

garnish kitchen

garnish kitchen class

The finished product was absolutely amazing. I never knew I could cook like that (even though I had a little help!) They taught us how to make delicious sauces and how to stuff our raviolis and what pairs well with what. It was a trip for the senses. David and I will definitely be going back for another class and date night!


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