The Battle of Anxiety: A Personal Update

Hi everyone! Every so often I share a little update on my personal mental health in hopes that it will help other people to open up and share their experiences! As many of you know, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression off and on my entire life. Unfortunately, it came to a head last year when I started a high stress job. Luckily, I left that job and started a new one in a much healthier environment. However, sometimes anxiety comes back. Here’s how I’m dealing with it and my tips and suggestions for other people that struggle.

Life Circumstances are Changing

Usually for me what brings on anxiety is a major change in life. If you saw my post announcing my engagement, you’ll know that I’m over the moon excited about getting to marry David. However, planning a wedding and preparing for such a big change has brought on some anxiety.

I’m nervous about planning and more importantly, paying for a wedding. I’m also nervous about getting in shape and dress shopping! You don’t realize how body conscious you are until you know everyone will be looking at you on your wedding day. Yikes! So yeah, life is changing for the better, but its still anxiety inducing.

How I’m Coping with Anxiety

I’ve learned that anxiety is something you have to manage all the time, regardless of how good or bad it is. I have two coping strategies: the first is seeing a therapist twice a month. The second is writing about it and sharing it with you. My therapist is amazing and if you’re worried about being able to afford it, many places have junior therapists that are still getting all of their counseling hours in and are being supervised by a therapist with several years of experience.

When it comes to writing about anxiety, it makes me feel better knowing that I can share openly about my experience so others don’t feel alone in it. Witty n Pretty started as a fashion blog and I still do blog about fashion, but I don’t have a passion for it like I used to. Writing about mental health and mixing in fun topics like style and beauty is slowly what Witty n Pretty is becoming.

How You Can Cope

Everyone’s coping mechanism is totally different. What works for me might not work for you. The first thing I would suggest however, is to do something for yourself everyday. We get so wrapped up in taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. Whether you go do some yoga, read in a lawn chair, take a hot shower, or even write a blog- take time for YOU.

I would also suggest routinely talking to a trusted friend or professional that can listen to your concerns and either provide a shoulder to cry on or advice. Its amazing how much better you feel after you just brain dump on someone else. Its like a load is off your shoulders and you can breathe again!

Reach Out to Me

If you have no one to talk to, reach out to me! I’m more than happy to talk with you and just listen if you prefer. Life’s hard but its better with a friend.

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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

2 thoughts on “The Battle of Anxiety: A Personal Update”

  1. Well said Liz. And you are 100 percent right when you say it helps to have someone that will just listen to you. They don’t have to give you advice unless you want them to but just listen so you can get rid of your stress.

    Love you


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