Thinking of Starting a Blog? Don’t. Here’s Why.

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I started blogging several years ago and I thought I’d do a little recap of my experience and advice I have for anyone wanting to start a blog! There’s so much I didn’t know when I started and sharing what I know about the blogging world is how I like to help others. Blogging isn’t my full time job but its something I do for fun on the side, so with that frame of mind, let’s get started.

Blogging Won’t Make You Money

Can you believe it? You really don’t make any money. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Many style bloggers have gotten very rich and famous from blogging but they usually have a few things in common: they had some money to begin with (or enjoyed credit card debt) and they started blogging way before everyone else did.

Blogging to eventually make money is just like starting a business, you have to spend money to make any. And there’s no guarantee you will. So unless you know something I don’t, you won’t be making any money.

Blogging Involves Smoke and Mirrors

Did you know you can buy 500 Instagram followers for $5.99? Me neither until I saw an ad for it. I decided to do it. 5 minutes later my follower count went way up and boom- I looked more popular than I was before. These services offer to deliver “followers” to your account for cheap, very cheap. Most of these accounts aren’t run by actual people but they certainly bump up your numbers quickly.

If you follow anyone with a lot of followers, take a look at how many likes and comments they’re getting on photos they post. If the engagements are low, you can bet most of those followers aren’t real. Like I said- smoke and mirrors!

Blogging is Dead

Yep, blogs are dead, or at least on their way out. Everyone and their cousin has one and its saturated the market! Traffic is hard to get and unless you’re willing to pay to promote your blog on Facebook, not many people are going to read it.

More importantly, our attention spans are dwindling and  no one wants to read an entire blog, which is why social platforms like Instagram are popular – it’s all visual. If you’re going to start anything, make it an Instagram account!

It’s Hard to Know When to Stop

I’m not going to lie- I’ve been considering shutting my blog down for awhile. Its exhausting to maintain and unless you can devote a lot of time and money to make it successful, there’s very little reward. Sure, I get free things here and there which is nice, but the amount of time it takes to photograph something, write about it, and then promote it on social media makes it far less appealing.

However, I’ve put so many years of my life into this that throwing away all of my content and hard work seems like a big mistake. So I continue writing, and perhaps, wasting more time.

Blogging Takes a Toll on Your Confidence

Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone, but it has been for me. As with anything in life, we compare ourselves to the Taylor Swifts of our industry- the rock stars at the top that are making things happen. I constantly, ask myself why I’m not as skinny, pretty, rich, or popular as some of the style bloggers I follow. It just doesn’t seem fair. And from this point its a downward spiral of constantly wondering why you aren’t good enough for other people to follow you, pay you to wear their clothes, and take lavish vacations (comped of course).

Still Thinking of Starting a Blog?

Then do it if you really want to! My experience won’t be exactly like yours. Just be prepared for everything that comes with – or maybe nothing at all. Go in with no expectations that you’ll ever get a single comment or make a single dollar. With that mindset, you might actually be successful- and that’s where I went wrong.

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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

7 thoughts on “Thinking of Starting a Blog? Don’t. Here’s Why.”

  1. Totally agree with you. Youtube is where it’s at. I hate that I put so much time into my blog posts and then I get a few likes and no comments. Haha this is actually making me want to delete my blog 😛


  2. I like your blog, for me it is much more enjoyable to read than other style blogs, you are more down with to earth and I can relate to you more easily than some of the fake plastic superstars, you make it more believable and more attainable, keep up the good work!
    Don’t leave us here with no one real to relate to! 🙂


  3. Girl i agree with some of these points! Blogging won’t make you money immediately but i think of you do it long enough it can. I’m honestly starting to see the return this year the most and it’s my third year blogging. So yea it’s taken a lot of time and I’ve had highs and lows but ultimately i do it because i love it. Forget about the money, and all the other stuff that fluffs up blogging .. i try hard to stick to why i started blogging in the first place and that’s what keeps me going. The comparison piece is only human. I’ve been working on Trying not to compare because it’s easy to get discouraged with numbers and other bloggers photos etc. you’re also right that everyone has a different experience too. I say keep going if you enjoy it. Keep writing if you love it. You’d be surprised on the impact you are making , even if it’s for 1 person whom you make that difference for. 🙂


    1. Hey Vanessa! I think you’re right in saying it can eventually if you’re really willing to invest some time and money! I’m willing to with time but money not so much.
      If blogging is really enjoyable then the money won’t matter as much! For me, it’s hit or miss. One day I like it the next day I’m a total failure at it and wish I had never started lol. I love your blog though!!


  4. Can’t agree with you more. Blogs are dying! If you do create one… do it to fill a moment… not a purpose such as financial gains or a career.


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