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Beachy Waves are in and Here’s How to Get Them!

john freida air dry

john freida frizz ease review

air dry waves review

Hey lovelies! Most of the United States is mid-way through the summer months but here in Texas, summer lasts through October. Learning to style my hair in this constant heat has been difficult! I grew up in Maryland and the 85 degree days combined with humidity meant my hair just curled right up and I got great beachy waves in my hair. Texas is another story. Heat destroys my hair and it usually just lays flat and lifeless.

John Freida reached out to me and offered to send me their line of Frizz Ease products to try out on my hair! Here’s how I was able to get my beachy waves back!

My Summer Hair Routine

First of all, I try to keep the heat off my hair as much as I can. Hot showers, styling tools, and hours spent in the sun are no-goes for me. A cold shower does wonders for my hair and a simple towel dry keeps it from getting damaged.

If my hair is wet and I need to style it quickly, I use the Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam. A few pumps of this is enough to spread through my hair. I’ll scrunch it up a bit after I run it through my hair and then just let it air dry. This gives me great beachy-looking hair! Honestly, this was probably my favorite product I tried and definitely did its job. Pro tip: make sure you get the roots of your hair as well, not just the ends!

If my hair is damp, I’ll spritz the Leave-In Conditioner throughout my hair and that gives it a nice soft texture throughout the day.

The Touch-Up Cream and Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum are great for taming dry, frizzy hair. I would definitely recommend these products for anyone in a humid climate. The serum is really great for the ends of your hair as well as the annoying fly-aways that pop up all over the place!

If you want to give John Frieda a shot, you can find the product line on Amazon (Prime member baby!) Enjoy your summer hair!


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