Why You Don’t Have to Shop Every Sale

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I love the summer months for so many reasons! The sunshine, warm weather, occasional glass of sangria, and fun weekend getaways are all wonderful parts of my summer. However, another lovely part that I usually enjoy indulging in are the semi-annual sales that sweep the mall for the month of July! In past years, I run toward every sale sign or orange clearance sticker (Target peeps know what I’m talking about!) Here recently though, I’ve found myself less enticed by that four letter word. Here’s why.

I Don’t Need It

I love shopping and I like having pretty things but at a certain point I have to realize that I have enough. When did I figure out that I had enough pairs of sandals? Last summer when I looked in my closet. When did I notice that my collection of designer bags was gathering dust? Right after I noticed Kate Spade was having a sale. Realizing that buying more of what I already had was wasting my money, I was able to start setting financial goals for myself.

The Semi-Annual Sales Aren’t Always the Best

I’ve seen some really great semi-annual sales in my short life. And I’ve also been witness to some that didn’t really get my heart pumping. One such sale is the long-awaited Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I just don’t get excited over 30% off over priced knee-high boots. Sorry, I just don’t. It’s not a steal, deal, or bargain to me. I’ll wait until the end of boot season to purchase a fabulous pair of Sam Edelman shoes. More on my love-hate relationship with this sale here.

Another sale everyone got excited for was the Amazon Prime sale. I was hoping I would be finding bargains on things left and right but I was disappointed. The only thing I was tempted by was a diffuser for essential oils but the reviews advised against me buying it. Bummer.

Stuff Doesn’t Make Me Happy

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop and buy myself pretty things! It’s taken me years to realize though that nothing I buy will make me happy for long. It gives me that little pick me up I need to get through the rest of my day but that’s it. A closet full of designer outfits will not bring me joy.

Financial Stability Means the Most

A sale gives shoppers the illusion that they’ll be saving money on their purchases. However, unless it’s something you need or have been waiting to buy, you’re just spending money on things you normally wouldn’t have if a sale sign hadn’t been there. If you’ve ever had to worry about how you’re going to pay your cell phone bill each month, then you know having money in your savings account for just in case means more than going into debt or blowing every dime you have on sale items.

Final Thoughts

I definitely love to treat myself now and then and have never gone without. However, I know that I don’t need to shop every sale, especially if you know you can get a better deal on an item. By all means, enjoy your favorite sale! But don’t get caught up in the madness of it all or worse, try and keep up with everyone else on social media. I think we often forget that although our favorite blogger looks like she has it all, credit card debt is a real thing and financial planning isn’t everyone’s strong suit.

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8 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Have to Shop Every Sale”

  1. The hardest thing is being honest about the things we actually need. And you’re so right about financial stability being more important than any sale. Thanks for sharing!


  2. You are so right! I didn’t find any deals with the amazon prime day sale. However, i did shop the Nordstrom sale and bought some jeans. I shop the sale every year but I never waste my money on things I already have like this year i bought mostly jeans and work clothes lol! But I definitely agree with you though you have to be smart shopping these sales and don’t just overdo it if you can’t afford it really.


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