How to Find Hunter Boots for Cheap

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Since I was a teenager, I had always liked the classic, preppy style. It wasn’t until recently that I fell head over heels for the rainy day staple every preppy lover has in her closet- Hunter Boots. They cost, of course, a pretty penny (which my boyfriend, David, was sweet enough to pay). You could say this Dallas girl is spoiled! Since they are pricey, I wasn’t going to buy them for myself and luckily I didn’t have to. However, I’ve found a few ways to get Hunter Boots for a discounted price and I wanted to share them with you!

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Since Christmas, I’ve worn my boots quite a bit and get lots of compliments on them! It’s always bittersweet though because most people say “love your rain boots!” and I’m like “oh thanks so much!” and secretly am dying inside because they aren’t just rain boots, they’re Hunter Boots! Duh!

So getting cheap Hunter Boots isn’t as hard as you might think. Are they going to be thrift store cheap? Probably not, but they’ll be much less expensive than buying them brand new.

Tradesy and Poshmark

Both of these selling platforms are similar. They sell mostly designer goods at previously worn prices. Hunter Boots being sold on these websites range in colors and sizes but you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your fancy. Both sites have buyer protection guarantees and are easy to shop!

Stores like TJ Maxx are always great places to go to find higher-end items without breaking the bank. Speaking from experience, not everyone has access to a TJ Maxx nearby. is a great online store that offers the same shopping experience but without the hassle of driving somewhere. Their Hunter Boots range in prices and and styles. You’ll find mostly short rain boots here.

Nordstrom Rack

While this probably doesn’t come as a shock to you, it’s still a great place to find boots at discount. The Nordstrom Rack near my apartment doesn’t often have them, but their website always has great deals on these beloved preppy classics.

knock off hunter boots

My Hunter Boots are in “bright coral” and are the tall, high gloss style (link here!) Best part is, they’re on sale in every single color for $105! Get them before they’re gone because any hot ticket item like this goes fast! Happy shopping!

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