Vest Weather is Best Weather!

Happy Monday gal pals! I hope Your weekend was nice and you got a little Christmas shopping done! I was at home in Maryland for a long weekend with my parents and sister to celebrate Christmas a little early. Flights home this time of year are crazy expensive so I had to go back a little earlier than usual. My family gave me my gifts early (which inspired this post!) and it got me thinking about what the perfect Christmas gift is. Of course, it’s different for everyone but for #basic girls like me, there’s nothing better than a quilted vest! Particularly, if it’s monogrammed! Read on to find out where I got this adorable monogrammed vest.

Quilted vests have been around for ages but they came on the fashion scene not too long ago. I have quite a few hanging in my closet and each one is my favorite! Over the weekend, my parents gave me the coveted J. Crew Herringbone quilted vest as a Christmas gift. I was over the moon! I’ve been eyeing that vest since everyone started wearing it but I could never bring myself to buy it for whatever reason. I had sent a photo of it to my mom last month and she found it half off! We both certainly love a good deal!

Ok, so about the actual vest! I bought it from Marley Lilly earlier in the spring when they were half off and I’ve loved it since it came! How beautiful is the color? The cobalt blue just adds a little something extra to an otherwise ordinary vest. If they go on sale again, I’m definitely buying a few more colors! They’re a great Christmas gift for any girl on your list.


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