Fall Inspired Date Ideas

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Happy Monday friends! It’s the hardest thing in the world to get up on a Monday morning, particularly after a fun weekend. David and I went down to San Antonio for the weekend to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Frankly, I’m already looking forward to next weekend because I’m so exhausted from this previous one! Every Saturday David and I usually have a date of some sort to just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with date ideas that we both like though. Surprisingly enough, going to a pumpkin patch doesn’t get him too excited. Knowing that we aren’t the only couple that runs out of date night ideas, here’s a few that you and your man will love!

  1. Go to a football game! Here in Texas football is everyone’s favorite sport. Being the true Texan that he is, David loves the sport and would like nothing more than for me to enjoy it too. Unfortunately, it isn’t my favorite thing. However, being at an actual game is lots of fun! Head out to your alma mater’s big game and spend it cheering with your man!
  2. Enjoy Oktoberfest! If you’re a beer drinker, Oktoberfest is probably one of your favorite festivals. Why not go to your city’s event with your boyfriend? You’ll both have fun sampling different German beers and getting your hands on some delicious food!
  3. Get scared in a haunted house! Nothing terrifies me more than things popping out at me or chasing me, seriously playing tag as a child freaked me out! But it’s kind of fun to get a little scared with your man so he can put his arm around you. There are so many fantastic haunted houses out there this year, you’re sure to find one close by!
  4. Bake a pie! If you’d rather stay in, try baking an old fashioned pumpkin pie. Throw on a favorite Halloween movie (Hocus Pocus anyone?) and bake a pie from scratch. It’ll be a fun new experience for both of you and certainly something you’ll want to do every year!
  5. Host a bonfire! Invite your best friends over and do a backyard bonfire. Nothing is more fun or romantic than snuggling up next to a fire with your man! Bring some hot apple cider and marshmallows to roast for a cozy night with friends.

David and I love spending time together but finding things to do is always difficult, especially fall-themed things that don’t involve corn mazes or pumpkin spice lattes. Finding things that both of you enjoy is so important and David and I both hope this little list helps!

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