Pool Floatie Season 

summer pool toysHappy Monday ladies! During the summer I live for the weekends and when Monday rolls around I’m already planning for Friday night. I love a good pool party and the fun things that come with it like BBQs, a little country music, friends, some corn hole, and of course epic pool floaties. They’ve definitely gained popularity here recently! I’ve seen unicorn shaped ones, hamburgers, penguins, and obviously donuts. Frankly, the more food-shaped floaties you have, the better!

I bought mine from Michael’s Craft Stores for $10 a month ago. Will it last me forever? No, but it’s good enough for this summer. Taking it to my apartment complex’s pool so much, I’ve become known as the girl with the donut floatie. Tip for the single girls, it’s a great conversation piece for guys that want to strike up a conversation with you! I’ve had that happen a few times and have to quickly shut them down by somehow slipping into the conversation that I have a boyfriend. Suddenly they aren’t so interested in my donut floatie. Go figure!

Besides a float you can sit in, I’ve come across some that will hold your drinks, others that will inflate to become a floating beer pong table (not sure how sanitary that is), and then even more that are floating ping pong tables. People are so clever with some of this stuff. Personally, I’m after a pineapple float!

If you love fun summer pool floaties as much as I do, I’ve linked a few of my favorites below! They come in a variety of price ranges, so you’ll find something that fits your budget for pool gear. Enjoy! Comment with your favorite! 

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41 thoughts on “Pool Floatie Season ”

  1. Love all of the cool new pool floats! I bought a giant sea turtle for our trip to Tahiti, and I loved him so much I brought him home with me too. I can’t wait to have him in the pool this summer!


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