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Sephora’s Contouring How-To


Sephora classHappy Monday beautiful friends! I’m rested up from last week and ready to hunker down and deal with this week. Easter was interesting this year- it snowed! When I woke up, there was a dusting on the ground and by 3pm it was gone and the sun was out. Kansas City is forever surprising me.

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Last Thursday, I went to Sephora for a class on facial contouring. I had never done it before and since it’s getting so popular, I figured I’d try! The class was free and two hours of professional instruction. The photo above of my makeup-less face is the “before” picture. Unfortunately, by the time the night was over, the natural lighting was gone and getting a good shot of the amazing makeup was difficult.

Sephora brushes

We started out by putting on concealer. They taught us to follow an inverted triangle formation for the best results. Basically, draw from the outer corner of each eye down to the nostrils and fill in the space that you’ve outlined using a makeup sponge. After that, put on foundation and blend!

sephora contouring

Next comes the highlighter. When you’re highlighting, the goal is to highlight the center of your face and cheek bones. The shape of your face determines where the highlights go! Typically, you’ll put the highlighter down the center of your nose, the tops of your cheeks, the lower half of your forehead (think three branches going straight up and to the left and right), and underneath your lower lip. Blend each area with a makeup sponge.

contouring class

The most important step is the shadow part of the contour. For my face shape (oval), I draw lines underneath my cheek bones, the sides of my forehead, and directly underneath my jaw line. This concept applies to most other face shapes. The only difference is a round face will want to extend the blending up and down the sides of the cheeks. After you’ve blended, dust on face powder so your contour will stay in place all day!

contouring how-to

This is the final product! You can see the shadow on my cheek where the contour is. This shadow makes my cheek bones look higher and more defined. If you really want to learn to contour, the best thing you can do is sign up for Sephora’s classes! They are so helpful and a lot of fun. Leave a comment below with any questions you have!

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