weekend style vibes

City Market Date in Kansas City

weekend style vibes

Happy Monday beauties! I hope your weekend was lovely and you got to do something you enjoyed! Right now, I’m sitting by a fire (the last one until the fall) and watching some reruns of Friends. The sound of a fire crackling is so relaxing and a little bit of bloggin’ is a nice addition!

city market kansas city

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Kansas City’s City Market! I realize I’m fulfilling the basic white girl stereotype when I say this but I just love being able to buy fresh produce from farmers. They had some great strawberries for $1 a carton and 4 small limes for $1 also! I just love a good deal, don’t you? On the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean side of the market, they had a spice shop with open containers of delicious spices for $2 a bag. A sweet Italian man and I both agreed we had trouble being around the spices because it made us sniffle. David and I bought some cayenne and a few other spices to add to the expanding spice cabinet!

Spice market

Spending an hour grocery shopping or going to markets like these is one of my favorite dates the my boyfriend takes me on. It’s simple but kind of fun to do together because we usually get a bite to eat after. Plus, I just love walking around holding his hand (girly squeal!) The little things in life are always the best!

Tell me about your weekend in a comment below!

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15 thoughts on “City Market Date in Kansas City”

  1. thanks for popping by to comment about bunnies, liz. i love the pics of this market, wow, everything looks so fresh and prices sound good too! what really caught my eye is the even brick sidewalk – looks like my rollator could easily handle that!


  2. I love markets of any kind, but my boyfriend hates them! Well he hates any kind of shopping really. So I end up going on my own a lot, especially when we travel. The advantage of that is that I go early in the morning and you often have the place to yourself, a few times I have picked up more freebies and specials from stall owners as I was the first customer of the day and they were up for a chat.



  3. My husband and I love to go to local markets where we live. It’s a perfectly acceptable date night in our family. If I ever make it to Kansas City I’ll have to check that one out 🙂


  4. My boyfriend and I love going to a farmer’s market or even just grocery shopping together! We love making food for one another (and when I say that, it’s more him since he’s the better cook…) There’s something so nice about getting fresh fruit, veggies or a yummy meal to cook for a dinner.


  5. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love going to the farmers market! Or anywhere that has freshly made/baked goodies. This weekend I drove up to my parents house to dog-sit for them while they are on vacation. So yesterday a couple of my friends and I met in D.C. where we walked around and ate some really great burgers and a giant pistachio macaroon. So yummy!


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