Easter and Spring Decorating Ideas

Easter Home Decor

Thank God it’s Friday! The temperatures are rising here in Kansas City and I’m really looking forward to the cute sundresses that will follow these sunny, warm days! This Saturday, I plan on putting up all the little Easter decorations I have and hopefully going to the City Market to find some fresh flowers for the kitchen.

Spring Home Decor

Going with a more natural theme, a few of my favorite flowers to put out for the spring time are Tulips and Lillies. They add so much festiveness and life to your home! I’ve also seen people use fake topiary statues as decorations for their mantels to add a little greenery to the living room.

Another popular decoration that is used in every celebration and one of the most pinned things on Pinterest is a chalkboard. Normally, I tend to think they’re over used but I really liked the Easter “He is Risen” chalkboard style print-out to frame for your wall. Speaking of wall decor, festive banners add a party-like feel to your home! Target has a few really great ones for under $5.

Finally, let’s talk about the important Easter basket. We cherish time with our families on Easter Sunday and we look forward to children seeing their Easter baskets for the first time. Having browsed the Easter aisles in Target and Walmart, I can see where most children are likely to pick a Star Wars or Frozen themed Easter basket this year. Being the traditional girl that I am, the baskets are so much prettier when they’re made from wicker. Instead of buying plastic baskets with Darth Vader on the front, include your child’s favorite characters in the little goodies inside the basket, but keep a traditional basket for a cohesive theme to the rest of your Easter celebration! Your kids will be happy and you’ll be proud of the beautiful basket you’ve created.

Leave a comment with your favorite Easter decorations to give me a few ideas for my own apartment!

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9 thoughts on “Easter and Spring Decorating Ideas”

  1. Loved reading this for a Friday morning! (especially because my commute to work involved trudging through snow that hadn’t been shovelled yet!) I always love putting Easter decoration up, it’s just so lovely and brings a flair of spring into the home. This March, it looks like one week will be devoted to some St. Paddy’s Day décor and then a week later, our Easter stuff will go up – can’t wait!


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